PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #100 – Nostalgia With An Accent

pop a la carte 100 nostalgia

Valerie, Angela and Tatiana kick off the special 100th episode with a discussion about the depressed movie box office and what it means for film going forward (1:15), featuring Ford Vs. Ferrari, Charlie’s Angels, and Playing With Fire – not to mention taking us on a tangent to Netflix speed options and a CG James Dean (11:45).

The age of Disney+, especially the cuteness of baby Yoda on The Mandalorian and the lack of worldwide access, is the next topic we move into (12:50). Then we move onto Valerie’s love for His Dark Materials and how well its adapted the book so far (39:40), as well as Angela’s interest in a German show on Netflix called We Are the Wave (49:45). Kdrama Corner returns with a vengeance, though Chinese dramas make their way in there too (59:00), including Mr. Fighting, Be Melodramatic, Tale of Nokdu, and Extraordinary You.

And for the grand finale, we introduce Nostalgia With An Accent’s first segment by covering the British series Spaced (1:19:20).

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