REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S10 Ep6 – Bonds

The Walking Dead continues its trend of jam-packed episodes this week with Carol and Daryl going on a mission together, Siddiq dealing with a serious infection, Eugene making a new friend, and Negan’s difficult initiation into the Whisperers. As has been the pattern in the last few episodes, Negan’s arc was the most entertaining particularly because of the stark contrast between his chatty personality and the whole raison d’être of the Whisperers. But more on that later.

The Walking Dead 10.6Before this review is devoted to Negan’s shenanigans at the Whisperer camp, the more serious scenes need to be discussed. Most importantly, there was Carol and Daryl’s mission. The bond between them remains solid even when they don’t always disagree on things. Carol even encourages Daryl to admit his feelings to Connie. But there isn’t really time for any romance on The Walking Dead at the moment with the enemy still at large. Carol and Daryl manage to capture a Whisperer and bring him back for questioning.

Meanwhile, Siddiq and Dante have to contend with a fast-spreading infection in the community that has claimed even Rosita. The unusual domestic arrangements among Siddiq, Rosita, Gabriel, and to a certain extent, Eugene, have been in the background of The Walking Dead all season but, as mentioned in a previous review, the time spent with these characters isn’t always justified. Granted, Rosita, Gabriel, and Eugene have been around for a while but, especially for a character as strong and interesting as Rosita, this subplot seems mediocre. Rosita has been practically reduced to being a mother and also a woman with complicated romantic entanglements (I still don’t understand how she and Gabriel even got together.) And there is something very shady about Dante and his seemingly relentless cheeriness contrasted against Siddiq’s growing paranoia and obvious trauma. For a new character, he’s been getting a suspicious amount of screen time and I wonder now if he might be a spy. Wouldn’t be too much of a stretch on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead 10.6Anyway, as is becoming increasingly obvious this season, Negan steals the show once more, this time when he joins the ranks of the Whisperers. It is a hilarious contrast to watch the motormouth Negan gab his way into the group and it’s clear that Alpha is as curious as the audience is as to where Negan’s allegiance truly lies. Beta dislikes him immediately and makes every effort to hinder Negan’s progress and training. But the latter takes every hardship with his signature cheery smugness, and then even proves that, for all the posturing, he is still a force to be reckoned with. Alpha recognized this immediately and even Beta reluctantly realizes that this new guy is not to be underestimated.

The Walking Dead 10.6More interesting still is how much Negan is learning about the leaders of the Whisperers and the dynamic Alpha has with her followers. Negan has always been great at adapting to drastic changes in his circumstances. That’s how he survived this long on The Walking Dead. He may be talkative but he’s also very perceptive and it is clear that he has gathered more intelligence on the Whisperers than even they might be aware of.

What he intends to do with this knowledge is anyone’s guess at this point, though I still have a feeling that he might choose to help Michonne, Daryl, and the others, even after seemingly submitting to Alpha. Negan might very well be the dark horse that saves The Walking Dead this season.