NYCC 2019: Interviews with the Cast of ‘Batwoman’

The CW’s DC TV universe continues to expand and everyone seems to be hyped for “Crisis,” but as series like Arrow and The Flash currently aim to set the stage for the upcoming crossover, Batwoman is tasked with introducing audiences to several new additions to the universe. With Ruby Rose’s titular character, this new incarnation of Gotham City, a supporting cast, and main antagonist, Batwoman has hit the ground running.

During this year’s New York Comic Con, we had the privilege of speaking with cast members Rachel Skarsten and Meagan Tandy, with the hopes of them shedding some light on the where the series is going and how we can see it fit within an already established universe. Skarsten portrays the villainous Alice, who has been revealed to be Kate Kane/Batwoman’s long-lost, thought-to-be dead sister, while Tandy portrays Kane’s former lover during their days serving with the U.S. military.

Batwoman isn’t Rachel Skarsten’s first time dabbling in the DC universe. While having more recently starred in The CW series Reign and SYFY‘s Lost Girl, Skarsten played a lead role in the short lived DC Comics series, Birds of Prey. In regards to the upcoming “Crisis,” of course Skarsten couldn’t say much about what to expect from the crossover, but she does seem genuinely excited to share the screen with her former Birds of Prey co-star Ashley Scott, who played Helena Wayne/Huntress. Scott has been added to a long list of former DC TV stars reprising their roles for “Crisis.” Skarsten was able to verify that Scott would be wearing her old costume, which hopefully suggests Scott’s appearance is more than just a glorified cameo.

In regards to Batwoman‘s debut season, Skarsten seems to be really passionate about her role as Alice and it shows in the episodes that have aired. She does draw comparison to her role as Tamsin on Lost Girl and expects to see her character’s backstory unfold as the series progresses, and audiences may expect to find out what has led her to becoming the villain she is now. Originally introduced in 2009, the character of Alice has played a major role in the current comic book incarnation of Batwoman. Showing further dedication to the role, Skarsten had also discussed all of the comic book research she had completed thanks to DC and her own curiosity, visiting a comic book shop while filming in Vancouver.

While Skarsten has a lot of source material to reference, Meagan Tandy doesn’t have as much in regards to her character, Sophie. While Sophie follows a similar path in the comics, she is mainly limited to Kate Kane’s backstory and a brief reappearance well into the comic book series. The CW’s Batwoman is aiming to take this character and expand upon what her creators initially intended, and Tandy seems to be making the best of it.

As revealed in the pilot, Sophie, after having a relationship with Kate during their time in the military, is now seen after so many years engaged to one of her male counterparts in The Crows. Tandy claims a lot more will be revealed in regards to what really happened between Sophie and Kate in the past, as the character is continuously conflicted with whether or not she is being true to herself and her feelings. Unfortunately, Tandy wasn’t able to speak much about her role in “Crisis,” which was expected as it’s still a while away, but when asked if Sophie may have an antagonist herself, she is open to that being a possibility.

Check out the full interviews with Rachel Skarsten and Meagan Tandy below and check out Batwoman, Sundays on The CW.