REVIEW: The Good Place S4E4 – Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy

In this week’s episode, we’re first treated to a bonding experiment between the squad and their test subjects, for lack of a better term, through a game of Pictionary. Tahani and John have made great strides in their relationship following their breakthrough last week and are crushing it. The drawings then come to life, which is beautiful for Tahani’s butterfly but horrifying when Chidi’s poorly drawn horse with crazy eyes comes to life and goes on a rampage. That horse legit freaked me out when I saw it. I may have nightmares.

The hooded figure from last week shows himself in the form of demon Glenn. He’s come to warn the squad that the Michael next to them is actually Vicki in a Michael suit. Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason are unsure who to trust after Michael admits he lied about a few things recently. Eleanor wants Michael to take his skin off, but he refuses, not wanting his friends to see his true form as a “Fire Squid,” even though Jason is insistent. Side note: Ted Danson’s vulnerability in this scene was perhaps his best work on the series.

Jason offers support to Janet for the recent news, which leads to his realization that this isn’t his or our Janet. When he called Janet “girl” and she didn’t correct him, he knew that this was Bad Janet. I’m not fully on the Jason-Janet ship but this was a genuinely sweet moment of theirs with showing just how much Jason knew her.

In an interlude, Eleanor comes across Chidi outside where he’s trying to draw under a time limit so he doesn’t endanger the neighborhood again. He and Eleanor have a great bonding moment over nachos and margaritas. This is another sweet moment between a couple I do like.

In the end, Michael and Jason head to the Bad Place to get Janet while Eleanor and Tahani stay in the neighborhood to keep it running smoothly.


Seeing Vicki again

Eleanor and Chidi’s dinner

Michael’s monologue