REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S10 Ep2 – We Are the End of the World

The Walking Dead Season 10.2The second episode of The Walking Dead shines the spotlight on the Whisperers and how Alpha met Beta. Not quite as cute as it sounds, but that is basically what happened and this was as dark a chapter as one expected to be, but also an important one because it helped better establish the villains of this season.

Spending time with the Whisperers and watching their strange rituals and destructive dynamics were interesting contrasts to the season premiere’s showing the solidarity between the other communities. As twisted as they are, the Whisperers have also found some way to survive in the hellscape of The Walking Dead, even more successfully than the Saviors or those cannibals from Terminus. One has to give them some credit for resilience, in that sense.

And their success has always boiled down to the strength and cunning of their leader, Alpha. When she was first introduced last season, the audience already saw some extensive flashbacks of her life with Lydia before The Walking Dead spread throughout the earth. One already sensed that she would take drastic measures just to survive. Covered in walker guts, she and her daughter found sanctuary in a nearby sanitarium whose lone inhabitant is a mysterious hooded man. He reluctantly allows them to stay and the code names “A” and “B” are used when they communicate. 

The Walking Dead Season 10.2Eventually, Alpha discovers his secret: he’s been keeping a loved-one-turned-walker with him, unable to let go. But she convinces him to wear the skin of his dear one as a mask and there’s our origin story for the Whisperers. Later in the episode, it’s Beta who discovers Alpha’s secret, a shrine to Lydia, and it is he who convinces her to let go of her weakness. Theirs is an intense, co-dependent relationship but they have somehow managed to make it work both for themselves and for their group of deranged devotees.

The Walking Dead Season 10.2In the present, the Whisperers take in two sisters, one of whom is the mother of the baby they abandoned last season and who is currently in the care of the communities. The sisters are at first committed to their ghastly cause, but one begins to falter. Later on, her sister pushes her into a horde just to prove her loyalty to Alpha, and so she is baptized “Gamma.” So that’s another demonstration of how the Whisperers can so effectively corrupt their members. 

Disturbing as the episode was, it was also an intriguing exercise and one that effectively fleshed out (pun intended) these horrible beings as even more threatening than our heroes can even imagine. One can very well take them at their word when they declare that they are “the end of the world.”