REVIEW: The Good Place, S4E1 and E2 – A Girl From Arizona

the good place a girl from arizona review

The Good Place has returned with its fourth and final season and the stakes have never been higher. The finale of last season ended with the God Squad and the Bad Place in a competition to save humanity, with the twist of Chidi being removed from the squad because of his ex, Simone. In season four, our four humans begin their journey to save literally all of humanity.

the good place a girl from arizona eleanor

The premiere episode (“A Girl From Arizona Part 1”), doesn’t offer much in terms of plot, since it’s more of a setup episode for both the season and the following episode. Eleanor deals with a memory-wiped Chidi as well as a Simone who believes that none of what she’s witnessing is real; she is just her own psychosis while she’s in a coma. The other humans are Brent, the worst example of a man there is complete with misogyny, racism, homophobia etc., a gossip columnist named John, a rival of Tahani’s, and a boring old woman named Linda. Linda turns out to be a demon in disguise. The judge punishes Shawn for this deceit and makes Chidi the fourth human in the experiment.

In “”A Girl From Arizona Part 2,” Eleanor becomes overwhelmed from the responsibility of the fate of humanity being on her shoulders. Michael raises her spirits in one of the best and most emotional scenes the series has offered to date. Eleanor fixes the Simone problem by reintroducing the soul-mate concept with Chidi as the other half. Chidi is made into a moral philosophy teacher again for the other three humans, including Brent who’s OTT toxicity is somehow amusing even when we want to strangle him. Kudos to the writing staff for that one.

the good place a girl from arizona jasonIn both parts of “”A Girl From Arizona,” Jason’s’ storyline is nothing more than being jealous of Derek (and killing him), and getting dumped by Janet, who is much more grumpy after building an entire neighborhood. The Jason-Janet pairing worked in season one but after all the reboots, Jason isn’t that same person anymore and has actually spent seasons 2 and 3 forming a stronger bond with Tahani (who doesn’t pretend to have a plot in either episode).

Part 2 of “A Girl From Arizona” was a much better outing than Part 1, but as both are complementary to each other, I thought it was necessary to group them together.


Michael and Eleanor’s talk in “”A Girl From Arizona Part 2.”


That’s literally it.