Marvel’s Runaways: Season 3 Preview

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from previous seasons and hints about the new season.

A lot has happened since we last left Runaways. The groups have been split into further factions, Jonah and his alien family are still causing trouble, there’s a new villain in town, AND there’s a crossover episode with Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger! What’s not to love? We were recently invited to talk to the cast and crew about the new episodes and we’re just as excited as they are. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re in for a treat. Here’s our look at season 3.


  • Jonah (possessing Victor’s body)/Stacey (possessed by alien wife)/Tina (possessed by alien daughter): Made it back to their home with Chase, Karolina, and Janet. They reveal their plan at the end of season 2 and come to the assumption that one of the missing alien kids might have jumped into one of the Runaways because only three of them came back.
  • Chase/Karolina/Janet: Currently enclosed waiting to be used as food for the alien family.
  • Alex/Molly/Nico/Xavin/Leslie: The group doesn’t react to the news that Xavin wasn’t able to bring Karolina back well. Xavin then tells them that they’ll have to kill off the entire alien family in order to get Karolina back.
  • Dale/Gert/Old Lace: Dale took Gert and Old Lace on a road trip to get away from Stacey (who they don’t know is possessed).
  • Catherine/Geoffrey: Alex’s plan to get his parents arrested worked. They were arrested on site by LAPD after trying to get Alex back.
  • Robert: Currently in the ICU after an almost fatal encounter he and Tina had with Nico. 


In the Comics, Morgan le Fay is a half-faerie from the Dark Dimension/Otherworld. Inspired by her literary counterpart in the Arthurian Legends, she was originally introduced to readers by Atlas Comics in Black Knight #1 in 1955. The character was written and illustrated by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely. She would then be reintroduced into Marvel Comics in Spider-Woman #2 in 1978. The Sorceress will be portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Bedazzled).

Here’s everything we know about the new character so far:

  • Hurley loved diving into the research about her character. She told us that she enjoys how she’s almost always portrayed as a megalomaniac and typically wants to take over the world wherever she crops up. It checked off all of the boxes for the actress.
  • She does have moments with the kids.
  • She learned Latin. Hurley mentioned that she has at least 18 lines in it.
  • She also had to do a lot more blue screen work than she ever has done before.
  • There is hand acting involved, or tutting as she calls it.


Your requests have been heard. One of the most anticipated moments of season 3 is the crossover episode with Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger lead characters Tyrone and Tandy. We don’t know how much time has passed since the end of season 2 of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger but we do know that there is quite the time gap before they meet the Runaways. According to star Aubrey Joseph (Tyrone/Cloak), it was really important for the duo to meet other superheroes their age. It helps reassure them that they’re not alone and that they were all meant to be superheroes. “It feels good to team up and do good with someone else other than ourselves,” Joseph said.

For those of you wondering how the tone of the shows mesh, fear not. Both Aubrey and Olivia Holt (Tandy/Dagger) were super pleased with how the writers of Runaways were able to create a space that fit both worlds well. It’s an episode they’re all really proud of and can’t wait for you to see. “To be able to see these characters all interact with each other is going to be something really special for superhero television history,” Holt said.


There’s a lot at stake in season 3. Their world and problems are getting bigger. It’s not just about their little group anymore. In the teaser posted above, the red cloaks make a noticeable and triumphant return. PRIDE is back together. The Runaways have fallen and Gert is about to used for sacrifice. According to writer Quinton Peeples, this is going to be the most Marvel of the three seasons. “Any time you start off with a villain that comes directly from the Marvel universe you’re going to be more heavily in that environment. So, instead of kind of backing away from that, we certainly leaned into it,” Peeples said. It’ll be interesting to see how things come together. This is the biggest season they’ve done so far and we love how they’re embracing the superhero aspect of it. There are a lot of dark days ahead, Runaways fans. Are you ready for it?


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Marvel’s Runaways will officially be available for your streaming pleasure on Hulu on December 13th. What are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!