Billy Joel TV Series in the Works

Following in the recent trend of musicians getting the Hollywood treatment, yesterday The Hollywood Reporter broke news of the next artist on the list: Billy Joel. Joel is the sixth best-selling artist in the world and is currently in a historic concert residency at Madison Square Garden where he plays monthly shows. MGM and Universal Music Group are teaming up to produce an “arc-thology” television show based on the stories of his songs. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant, named after Joel’s favorite song from his extensive catalog, will feature episodes named after characters from his songs and inspired by his lyrics. Confirmed songs include “Piano Man,” “The Stranger,” and “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song).” Not only will characters from these songs provide the episode titles, but the songs themselves will also be reimagined for the series.

What Billy Joel songs do you want to see reimagined? What do you think of the “arc-thology” format? Let us know in the comments!