Undone Cast and Creators Preview Season 1

undone paley center

Amazon’s groundbreaking new series Undone, which combines jaw-dropping Rotoscoping animation with a powerful tale of love and loss, drops on the Prime Video streaming service tomorrow. The story follows Alma Diaz (Rosa Salazar), who wakes up from a car accident with the ability to see her dead father and travel through time as well as her loved ones’ perspectives. Whether this ability is an inherited gift that ultimately got her father killed or the manifestation of a mental breakdown is left for the viewer to decide. Before diving into the 8-episode series, check out the comments from cast members and creators at the Paley Center premiere:

Rosa Salazar is the star of the show, fresh off her success in Alita, and she finds herself very immersed in Alma’s character. “All of the existential dread I’ve experienced in my life, there’s a place for that [in this role],” the actress admitted. While Alma explores her world through the lens of her deceased father, Undone also places a strong emphasis on her dynamic with her very much alive mother and sister. “There so much love and resentment there, and it’s fun to bring those relationships to life,” Salazar gushed.

Alma’s sister Becca, played by Angelique Cabral, is her opposite in almost every conceivable way. “I am her spunky, buttoned-up, perfect sister,” the actress said when describing Becca. “But she’s a hot mess underneath.” In fact, it is precisely the woman underneath the perfect romance and bright outlook that Alma will get to know through her newfound powers. Whether the revelations lead to a stronger bond between the sisters is something Undone will explore as the season progresses.

Kevin Bigley takes on the role of Becca’s fiancé Reed, who is one of the reasons Alma feels so disconnected from her sister. As much as others might view him as “a young George W. Bush” and “mayonnaise bland,” the truth is that he has a lot of love and respect for his future wife. Their relationship as seen through Alma’s eyes will take on new layers when she shifts perspective, which is a lot of fun for the actors themselves to play. As for the impossible to describe aspects of Undone, Bigley admitted that as an actor, “it took a lot of imagination and of course a lot of trust” to follow the visionary path of the writers and director.

Camila, Alma’s mother, always plays an important role as the Diaz family matriarch. Not only that, but her indigenous background is also brought to the forefront, as Alma confronts the possibility that her gifts may stem from her mother’s culture as well. Actress Constance Marie revealed that the production even brought an Aztec priest on set for authenticity. “The attention to detail with the cultural history was on point,” Marie added. Also on point is the combination of heart and humor that drives the first season. Marie praised Undone by saying,”The writing is so good that the laughs surprise you” and likening the show to “Groundhog Day in a therapist’s office.”

Kate Purdy is the creator responsible for the insightful and hilarious story behind Undone, having first conceived of the idea while working in the Bojack Horseman‘s writers room. While Alma’s struggles are inspired by her own personal experiences, the elements of family dysfunction woven in are also a theme for the writers overall. “I would say this is as interested, if not more interested, in family than Bojack,” fellow executive producer Raphael Bob-Waksberg explained. “Although I’d say [the Diaz] family’s damage is a lot more grounded.”

What really sets Undone apart, though, is the amazing artwork that overlays the raw performances. Not only did the creators choose the rare and beautiful Rotoscoping technique to tell their story, they also brought in acclaimed director and artist Hisko Hulsing on the strength of his work on Cobain: Montage of Heck. Hulsing revealed how he came onto the project, as well as the complex steps needed to get the series from script to live-action filming to animated show. “Apart from the fact that the scripts are fantastic, I love the story. It’s also new for me and very rewarding,” the director claimed. “Every one of the 100 people [on the team] wants to come back for Season 2.”

First, though, we have to watch Season 1. Undone premieres September 13th on Amazon.