‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Adds Three New Cast Members

the umbrella academy

While production is underway on the highly anticipated second season of The Umbrella Academy, fans are eager to get all the inside scoop they can on the series. With a season one cliffhanger and a shocking time travel twist that will likely shake up next season, Netflix has kept things pretty quiet so far. But now we have some details about three new faces joining the rest of the lead cast who are set to reprise their roles. It’s not clear just how these characters will fit into the story, but we’re sure that The Umbrella Academy has plenty of twists in store for season two!

Ritu Arya (Humans) has been cast as Lila, a chameleon who can be as brilliant or as clinically insane as the situation requires. Unpredictable, mischievous, and sarcastic, Lila’s gifted with a twisted sense of humor.

Yusuf Gatewood (Good Omens) will play Raymond, a born leader with the smarts, gravitas, and the confidence to never have to prove it to anyone. He is warm, dedicated, and has the innate ability to disarm you with a look. A devoted husband, he’s the kind of guy everyone wants to know.

Marin Ireland (Y: The Last Man) will be playing Sissy, a fearless, no-nonsense Texas mom who married young for all the wrong reasons. Still in her prime, she’s eager to rediscover what life and love has to offer.

We’re left wondering if any of these new characters have superpowers like the rest of the Hargreeves kids, because the hints seem to be there. We’ll have to wait and see as more details emerge, but the suspense is enough to keep us preoccupied already. If you haven’t caught up on The Umbrella Academy yet, head on over to Netflix for this unique, thrilling comic book adaptation. It’s worth a rewatch (or two) during the hiatus!