INTERVIEW: The Flash Cast and EP Talk S6

The Flash Season 5 brought big changes to Barry and Iris’ life. Their daughter from the future, Nora, came to help them defeat Cicada, while unknowingly also helping Eobard Thane escape prison. At the end of the season, Thawne is on the run, and Nora chooses to nobly sacrifice herself rather than live with the negative speed-force. Although Nora is gone, her presence won’t be easily forgotten. Below, Grant Gustin (Barry Allen), Candice Patton (Iris West), Hartley Sawyer (Ralph Dibny), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon), and Executive Producer Eric Wallace tease what’s next for their characters and the show in S6.

The date on the newspaper article has changed.

Gustin kicks things off by acknowledging that date change has immediate implications for Barry and Iris. “The Monitor shows up very early on…and tells us that the universe is in jeopardy. And in order to save the universe, Barry Allen is going to have to die.” That’s a lot for a young couple to deal with, and Barry’s not handling it well. “Barry kind of finds his strength in (Iris) and trying to…figure out whatever we’re going to do next.” The Crisis crossover also signifies the ending of Arrow and Oliver Queen. Asked whether this means The Flash will step in to taken on the leadership responsibilities of its predecessor, Gustin doesn’t think so. “It’ll be the ‘Arrowverse’ forever. I can’t imagine-it’s never going to be called anything else. That’s, you know, the universe we live in.”

Barry and Iris are struggling to deal with Nora’s death in a proper way.

Patton echoes Gustin’s sentiments on WestAllen’s state of mind following their daughter’s death. “The loss of Nora is very fresh and raw for Team Flash. Barry and Iris are struggling to deal with that in a proper way.” In the past when faced with grief, Iris turned her attention to becoming the new leader of Team Flash to avoid processing her feelings. Barry ran away from his grief and created a whole new timeline. So it’s probably no surprise that WestAllen will struggle a little to grieve in the midst of everything going on in Central City. Patton previews that in episode one, Barry and Iris will “realize that they’re going about it in the wrong way, trying to push this stuff to the side. They realize they realy have to be there for each other and grieve together in order to move forward.”

Season 6 also promises to finally be the season of the reporter, as Iris is set to expand her burgeoning Central City Citizen Empire. “We see her hiring new employees for the Citizen. We see her kind of moving towards that Pulitzer Prize winning journalist that we know and love in the comics, which I think everyone has been waiting for.” Could more focus on journalism lead to Iris have a more significant role in the Crisis crossover? Patton replies that, while she doesn’t know what it her role in the crossover will look like, EP Eric Wallace has already started the conversation with her. “I really appreciate him coming to me and asking me if I’d like to be apart of it. I think we can figure something out…that’s going to be interesting and make sense for my character.”

Ralph is ready for love

Sawyer teases that Ralph’s big story line in season 6 has to do with the mystery of Sue Dearbon. “He is going to be pursuing-kind of following her journey, and then they will meet.” Sawyer has been excited about the prospect of introducing Sue to the show for some time, but he’s happy the writers took their time getting him there. Ralph’s journey so far on the show has been getting him ready for Sue. “From where he was in season 4 to where he is now, he’s grown and evolved so much…And all those character arcs bring him to where he is, and I think he’s ready.”

Sawyer is also excited to explore more of Ralph’s detective background this season. “The deductive reasoning and the detective stuff, in the comics anyway, that’s really what his superpower is. He’s supposed to be second only to Batman…and I like that we’ve taken a long time to cook that.” Perhaps Ralph focusing more on his detective instincts will lead to more team ups with another favorite detective: Joe West. “I always like Ralph and Joe West in the same room,” Sawyer shares. “I think that Joe West has always had an understanding and empathy for Ralph even from the first episode.” Sawyer also notes that we will see some more of Ralph and Iris and Ralph and Cecile scenes. So it sounds like Ralph will get closer to the Wests in season 6.

We’ll get to see Killer Frost’s relationships with the rest of Team Flash.

Asked what she’s most excited for in Season 6, Panabaker shares that we will get to see a lot more of Killer Frost: “There’s a lot of fun to e had with Killer Frost because she hasn’t had a ton of experiences yet….” Something else Killer Frost gets to look forward to is a new suit, courtesy of Cisco. “It’s a completely new suit,”Panabaker shares. They designed the new suit for season for season 5 but never found an appropriate opportunity to debut it. “We got to pay an homage to some of the comics, which I love.”

Regarding Caitlin’s personal life, her relationship with Cisco continues to be a favorite of both fans and Panabaker herself. How will Cisco’s decision to take the cure change their dynamic? “I think their friendship will continue to remain as strong as it’s always been,” Panabaker answers. “And I think Caitlin ultimately wants Cisco to be happy.”

Cisco is living his best life without his powers.

Season saw Cisco make an abrupt change from loving his powers to wanting them gone. The decision came as a surprise not only to fans but Valdes as well. “It was weird,  you know? I never requested it surprised me a little bit when I started reading about his desire to get rid of these powers…but at the same time, I welcomed the challenge.” Now that Cisco has joined #teamcivilian though, what can fans expect from his storyline this season? “Life is just peachy” for Cisco Valdes shares. “He’s kind of reaping the rewards of everything he’s wanted,” which, for Cisco, includes a healthy work life balance. More time for a personal life also means Cisco will be able to focus on his relationship with new girlfriend Kamilla Wang (Victoria Park).

On the other hand, Valdes also teases that things will be less happy on Team Flash, as they eventually become aware, one by one, of Barry’s impending death in Crisis. “(Barry’s) way of communicating that and relaying that, and everyone’s independent reactions to that, that’s really sort of the meat of the conflict of the first half of the season.”

Eric Wallace promises Season 6 will be full of “chills and thrills”.

In his first season of being a show runner, Wallace is full of excitement about his vision for the show. “The best thing that ever happened to The Flash Season 6 was being forced into the crossover of Crisis,” Wallace explains. There will be 3 parts to the season: Pre-Crisis, Crisis, and the Aftermath. “We’ve been promising for 5 1/2 years that Crisis was the end, 2024. Well, it’s not the end anymore. There’s no more roadmap. It’s liberating!” Wallace also promises more character driven stories and emotional story lines. “One of my mandates for this year was to dig as deeply as possible. That’s what I’m telling the writing staff…”

Hoping to bring a new “flavor” to the show, Wallace promises more comic- book twists, and calls season 6 the season of “chills and thrills”. Things will get especially weird in the back half of the season post Crisis, Wallace teases.


The Flash, Season 5, complete season will be available on Blu ray and DVD,  Tuesday, August 27. Season 6, returns to the CW Tuesday October 8th at 8/7 c on the CW.