Lodge 49 Cast & EPs Talk Season 2

lodge 49 season 2

Lodge 49, AMC’s delightfully wacky tale of a man finding his way back to an idyllic life, returns for a second season on August 12th. With the Ancient and Benevolent Order of the Lynx under inauspicious rule after last year’s finale, Dud (Wyatt Russell) has his work cut out for him. Can he restore hope to the Order while everyone else is distracted by more mundane manners? These questions and more were at the forefront of the cast’s visit to the Paley Center, where they teased a bit of what’s in store for Season 2.

According to Russell, Dud’s cathartic experience at the end of last season will actually cause him some struggle. “With that always comes some sort of downfall, where you realize, ‘Maybe I don’t have it figured out.'” Without his father in his visions, he needs to find a new way to “move on without it and become a new person.”

Dud’s not the only one adrift when Lodge 49 starts up again; his mentor Ernie’s dealing with his own loss of faith as well. “We don’t see each other a lot,” Russell admitted. “Ernie’s off doing his own version of trying to stay sane.” Which sounds like it will be the theme of the year, as each character tries to navigate their own insecurities before realizing that burdens are better off shared.

Sonya Cassidy’s character Liz, meanwhile, will have a parallel journey to her brother’s. As he’s learning to let go of his past, she’ll be looking further into it. “We are seeing Liz dig deep into herself,” the actress explained. “and her Dudley legacy in order to figure out what her future holds.” As exciting as it will be for her, it will also make her more vulnerable.

On the other hand, she will be a little more removed from Dud’s problems as she delves into her own. “We are seeing her experience what it is, as well, not to need to be big sister [to Dud].” Although that doesn’t mean the Dudley twin bond will lessen, merely than Lodge 49 opens its season with characters forging their own paths.

Several of those paths converge on Eric Allen Kramer, who plays Scott, however. “Be careful what you wish for,” Kramer warned about the power newly bestowed on Scott. “The question is now what do you do with that.” And while he has the best of intentions to lead the charge, the actor acquiesced that “to be a general, you need an army that will follow you.”

When he’s not dealing with the politics of the Order, Scott’s still got a messy private life that needs to be handled with his wife Connie and her lover Ernie. On that front, Kramer noted, “Scott will always see himself as the knight coming to [Connie’s] rescue.” Whether she wants that or not is another matter.

Lodge 49 wouldn’t be complete without the hilarious David Pasquesi, who brings alchemist Blaine to life. When the show comes back, he’ll still be searching and hoping for mystical elements of the Lodge. “He certainly keeps chasing it,” the actor teased. “And he goes pretty far towards him.”

Blaise is probably the character closest to Dud when it comes having an idealistic nature, but that doesn’t mean Dud will follow him down that particular rabbit hole. “Even he can quite get onboard with all of it,” Pasquesi joked.

The showrunners of Lodge 49, Jim Gavin and Peter Ocko, have a lot of fun surprises in store for Season 2 – a recurring character played by Paul Giamatti among them. Another is the new locations the show will hit in the hopes of changing leadership once more. “They’re ready to go on the quest that will keep the Lodge alive for this season,” Gavin hinted.

What keeps both them and the audience invested in the show, though, is the vibe rather than the plot points. As for the vibe of the next set of episodes? Ocko summed it up as follows: “You have to get over the curses that are laid upon you by the past in order to move forward.”

The second season of Lodge 49 premieres August 12th on AMC.

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