REVIEW: Siren – 2.16: “New World Order”


Take the road less traveled by…the military.

How would you feel if your worst nightmare for any situation came true? That’s exactly what happens in Siren’s season two finale, “New World Order” for Ben, Ryn, Maddie, and the rest of our favorite Bristol Cove residents.

After rescuing the news reporter, Ian, from near drowning, instead of keeping Ryn’s identity a secret and you know, being grateful for being alive, he does the unthinkable. Two days after the accident, he’s on a news report unveiling the reality of mermaids with actual footage of Ryn in mermaid form! Our once happy little town of Bristol Cove, coincidentally known for its Mermaid Days festival, is now a ghost town two months later. It’s a human hunt merfolk world out there now!

Raddie: *cuddles while sleeping*
Me: “No! That’s cute but sad!”

I will admit when I first saw what was occurring in the episode, my immediate thought was, “did they think they weren’t getting renewed so they set this up as a series finale of sorts?” It’s possible that that’s true and they changed the ending after the renewal. Did anyone else think they “jumped the shark” at first with this story-line? Pun kind of intended.

In the episode we see three sets of characters deal with the mermaid discovery in Bristol Cove differently and to varying degrees of severity. Xander and Calvin have seen countless merfolk in the past, so they think they could totally catch a mermaid and earn their $100 million reward. But when they realize what mermaid they’re capturing and exactly what people are doing to them, they have second thoughts. Maddie and Ben are on the run with Ryn, seen as fugitives and wanted prey to the military and those around them. Ryn’s been out of the water for the longest time so she can stay out of the military’s sight. Their only hope is crossing the border and heading to Canada to start their new life. Helen is trying to do the same, but gets pulled over at a checkpoint by the military. Immediately found out as a hybrid she’s transported to a prison (more like detention camp) filled with other hybrids.

“This is still the United States of America.”

Each set of character perfectly sets up a scenario for what someone would do when faced with a discriminating ordeal like this, and each story-line was so hard to watch for me because of it. The one I was most affected by (besides the end, which I’ll get to in a bit) was Helen and the hybrids. I’ve mentioned throughout this batch of episodes that I didn’t really understand the purpose of the hybrid group, what their abilities were if any, etc. I take all of that back after seeing what they endured in the camps. Rounding them up for starters, treating them like animals when they first get there, and even running experiments on them! The whole thing was so uncomfortable to watch for many reasons (one being that we know things like this have actually happened in history). I have so much more respect and love for all hybrids now.


Protect Maddie “the heart of the show” Bishop at all costs.

In the climax of the episode, the worst occurs. Our trio is ultimately surrounded by the military, resulting in Maddie getting struck by a stray bullet (because of course it was a stray bullet). The next thing I know, I’m uncontrollably crying, a mess, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; it’s evident that Maddie is near death. Just when I think she’s getting killed off the show, we learn that everything that happened in the episode was what Ben imagined could happen had he saved Ian’s life. Maddie is alive, the hybrids aren’t imprisoned, and the main drama that still surrounds the show is the mermaids creating babies. We can all rest easy. Did I see this twist coming? Honestly, not really? But I was way too emotional during the episode to even think this could be a dream?

I’ve had a couple days to process the finale, and I’m still on the fence of Maddie’s near death. I’m relieved she didn’t die because I think I legitimately would stop watching this show otherwise, Maddie Bishop means that much to me! But then on the other hand, why even go so far as to show Maddie’s supposed death if it wasn’t real? I’ve seen enough scenes of queer women dying on my screen to last a lifetime. But then I go back to the first point where I’m relieved that Siren didn’t turn into other shows and go through with it? What are your thoughts on this? Siren has continued to be phenomenal with their LGBTQ+ representation on the show and I would hate for that to become tarnished.

What did you guys think of “New World Order”?

If you were live-tweeting with me during the episode, you know that I was an absolute mess! I’ve never been that enthralled in an episode (and I survived the Shadowhunters series finale!) ever! I still don’t think I can watch “that” scene to be honest.

For those interested, there’s a great interview with the EPs of the show, where they discussed their thought process on the finale, reasonings behind the episode, and what’s to come. Unfortunately, doesn’t look like one of them will be Nicole due to actor availability, which is such a shame! She was one of my new faves!

That’s it for this season of Siren; swim on back over here Spring 2020 for Season 3, merfolk! A teaser promo can be viewed below!

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