REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6 E12 – The Sign, & S6E13 – New Life

Okay. OKAY. *deep breath* I … really didn’t see much of that coming. And now I’m much more excited for season seven than I thought I might be, at some point in the middle of this two-parter!

Love is pain, indeed. (To be watched while listening to “Close Your Eyes” and sobbing.)

So, as we expected, Izel wastes no time using poor Flint to recreate the Monoliths, and then she gets started on opening the doorway to her people’s realm. Meanwhile, May, Sarge, and Daisy are headed toward the temple, and folks back at the Lighthouse are trying to figure a way to help their friends escape from Izel’s army of shrike zombies. This effort gets an unexpected boost from Deke – who has somehow brought many of his people and equipment from his startup in to occupy one unused wing of the facility. Um. I have no idea how it could even be slightly feasible that Deke would be able to do that without Mack or anyone else knowing, but anyway, it’s great that they’ve produced wristbands to prevent Izel from possessing anyone. They’ve also produced one mostly-working prototype of the “Shaw drive”, which is to say a jump drive. And when Fitz gets juuuust a bit upset at how blatantly Deke has been ripping off tech to sell it as his own, Deke gets fed up with no one respecting him or liking him and takes the jump drive right into the temple.

I’ve got to say, when everything started going downhill at the speed of light, I got really, really tense. My wounded heart has only barely started to heal from another show’s finale I just watched. So when it looked like both May and then Yo-Yo weren’t going to make it, I may have screamed, “You can’t do this!” at my computer screen.

Perhaps Sarge’s decision to be on Izel’s side after all was inevitable. On the other hand, it seemed a little anticlimactic for him to just go all-in after he stabbed May and sent her through the gate. (Also, was anyone else reminded of a certain iconic Whedon scene there? Because I sure was!) His true form was creepy enough, though. That’s for sure. Anyway, I won’t be missing Sarge/whoever he was at all.

Most badass superhero of the season, y/n?

I’m slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to see Daisy do her shrike disintegration thing again in either episode. On the other hand, watching a freshly-revived May swordfight with Izel was pretty excellent. After all that, it definitely needed to be her who put the sword through Izel. And thank goodness, Izel being sent back through the gate was enough to save Yo-Yo from turning fully into a zombie. I would not have been at all okay, otherwise! She and May are absolutely vital to this show. (Sidenote: loved the little moment when Izel tried to possess Yo-Yo, but the bracelet protected her, and Yo-Yo just gave that awesome feral grin before punching her into a wall. Hee.)

Deke really did show his bravery and worth as part of the team in this episode. Not sure where he ended up exactly at the end there (he went with the remainder of the team when Future! Past! Simmons showed up, but other than that…). Regardless, he’ll have some interesting and worthwhile contributions to make next season, I’ll bet. Oh, and speaking of Deke, what about Snow? Did she survive the Chronicom onslaught of the Lighthouse? FitzSimmons didn’t know about her being there when the Chronicoms did their brain scan thingies, so she might have. Wonder if she’ll turn up again or not.

Also, Flint. I’m glad he didn’t get killed, but just where did the Quinjet with Flint and Piper end up? Really hope they both escaped the Hunter Chronicoms, as well. Flint could definitely be a good contribution to next season. And Piper deserves to make it out alive.

Another thing: much as I love Enoch showing up and saving the day again (go Enoch!), did the writers really have to separate Fitz and Simmons again??? Sure, it seems like they’re at least able to talk to one another, but still. That’s getting really old.

They weren’t Ringwraiths or Dementors, but you could be forgiven for thinking it.

And lastly, that whole final scene, starting from Future! Past! Simmons’ appearance. Wow. I was a little anxious that they would all have jumped into the future, yet again – but I should have known. The past is a new destination for our team, and I’m excited to see what the showrunners and writers do with it. Plus, if the Empire State Building is still under construction, that puts them in the ’30s. Which means a certain SHIELD founder should still be around. Anyone for a season-long crossover with Agent Carter? And original-flavor Coulson is back, too … as an LMD. Does he know he’s an LMD? Is anyone going to tell him? I guess we have to wait ’til next summer to find out!

What questions are lingering for you after those two mind-blowing eps? Let us know in the comments!