Veronica Mars Season 4 Review/Recap





Logan Echolls is dead. Any Marshmallow knows it whether you saw the season or not. This and more in season 4 of Veronica Mars.

The new season on Hulu came out thirteen days ago, and it was both a return and departure to the series we know and love. The season really only focused on three characters in Veronica, Keith, and Logan. Former series regulars like Wallace or Dick barely get any screentime and no story. They instead brought on a host of new characters like Clyde Pickett (played impeccably by JK forking Simmons). I enjoyed pretty much all of them (except for the blatantly racist ones), but I would have traded them all for Wallace and Mac, especially since with the exception of Matty (was Maddie a disliked spelling?) none of them will be in any potential future seasons.

There were numerous callbacks to the previous seasons, both in characters returning (in recurring and cameo appearances) as well as explicitly bringing up former cases and dead characters. However, with the new season being on Hulu as opposed to UPN or The CW, Rob Thomas decided to up the violence level to 100. I’m not sure what enticed Rob to have so. many. severed. heads. I’m not squeamish but it seemed really unnecessary.

The main mystery was often stimulating and intriguing but the constant back and forth of whom the murderer(s) were grew a bit tiresome, especially after seeing it three times in the finale alone. By the end I didn’t care that Penn the pizza guy was the serial bomber or that Big Dick started it off because it wasn’t very personal to Veronica (until the end).

Keith’s story was very well done and sad, especially as one was lead to believe that it truly was the end of his career. The resolution of it was forced in my opinion with everything working out miraculously.

Weevil and Veronica’s rift saddened me immensely but both parties had their very valid perspective. I’m hoping that reconciliation isn’t out of the picture after he saved her from the shootout (even if we didn’t see Weevil afterwards).

I’ve never been the biggest Logan Echolls fan, but I appreciated the strides he was taking to become a better man. There were problems with his and Veronica’s relationship and instead of working on them or ending the relationship, V agrees to marry him after nearly dying. Which leads me to the death.

Happy couples is not a “teen drama” thing. Rob Thomas is full of shirt when he says that, in my view. There’s a story to be told with them as a couple or as them working through any issues.

With Veronica now taking cases out of town or wherever, is this what a possible season 5 will be? Veronica on her own and even less of Neptune and the characters we love? It seems that Rob Thomas has forgotten what made the show work in the first place.