Disneyland Resort Announces 2019 Holiday Season

It might be summer still but we don’t blame the folks at the Disneyland Resort for already thinking about their upcoming holiday season. As someone who adores the resort during the holiday makeover, I’ll personally give you my recommendation for it. There’s nothing like the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort and if you haven’t been, try going at least once in your lifetime. The dates for this year’s festivities will take place between November 8, 2019 – January 6, 2020, and they have things planned around the entire resort. 


Photo of Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle by Kathryn Mudgway.

  • The Castle: Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle is a sight to see any time of day. The picture above was taken before the recent refurb so it’ll look a little different when you go this year, but you’ll probably see something similar. It’s pretty during the day but it’s even more spectacular at night when all of the LEDs turn on. If the Castle Lighting is still a thing, PLEASE add it to your list. It only takes a couple of minutes of your time and adds a nice touch to your visit.
  • The Iconic Christmas Tree: Disneyland’s 60-foot tall Christmas tree takes center stage in Townsquare on Main Street U.S.A. There are usually PhotoPass Cast Members on hand to help you take your photos. Have you always wondered what it took to put that thing together? Look no further than this article from Disney Parks Blog.
  • The Firework Show: “Believe… in Holiday Magic” is a classic that’ll happily warm your probably-already-filled holiday heart. If it doesn’t manage to set your mood for the rest of the night then I don’t know what will. Don’t forget to stay for the snowfall finale! You’ll be listening to a very special arrangement of “White Christmas”performed by Kellie Coffey during this time. Pyrotechnics may or may not happen during your visit, weather permitting.
  • The Parade: “A Christmas Fantasy” makes its annual return to the parade route that goes from “It’s A Small World” to Townsquare and back again. It starts with a float featuring a ballerina on pointe and ends with Santa on his beloved sleigh. “A Christmas Fantasy” made its official debut on November 13, 1994.
  • Attractions: (2) Disneyland Park attractions make a complete transformation for the holiday season. “It’s A Small World” becomes “It’s A Small World” Holiday and Haunted Mansion becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday. Haunted Mansion Holiday’s story is inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s also a projection show that takes place on the front walls of “It’s A Small World” Holiday.


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