SDCC 2019: Cast of ‘Legacies’ Teases Season 2

Legacies at sdcc

When Legacies‘ first season came to a close, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) plunged herself into the Malivore to save her loved ones, thus apparently erasing herself from existence and from their lives. But the fledgling show was not about to lose its leading lady and scion of the Mikaelson clan, so Russell return to San Diego Comic Con with her cast to tease just how she’d make her way back to the Salvatore School. Check out the interviews below to catch up with your favorite witches, werewolves and hybrids before the show returns on October 10th.

Danielle Rose Russell may not be off Legacies, but she is estranged from her friends, and their collective memory loss will pose a problem when she tries to help them next season. “I think it’s gonna kill her inside,” the actress admitted. “But she is so brave and so strong and loves those people so much that she would do anything for them.” Her relationship with Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) may be the one that kills her the most, seeing as “her love doesn’t change just because she’s in isolation,” and yet his will. But Russell hopes things will work out, saying, “I would love to play that dynamic again, it’s one of my favorite dynamics for the character.”

There is a dynamic that will be reborn rather than severed: her father-daughter relationship with Alaric (Matt Davis). She teased, “There might be a world where they do find each other, and they are still partners in crime in a very different way to stop this big bad together.” Bless the villains for bringing families together.

As for the bereft father figure in question, Matthew Davis wasted no time dropping hints about Alaric’s mental state when Legacies returns. “He’s found forensic evidence of a second person he can’t remember,” Davis explained, and the sensation that someone’s missing sends him investigating immediately. All the while, he’s dealing with a new headmaster who “may or may not be a good person” and getting himself a new position as principal of Mystic Falls High School. That career move “might reignite the rivalry” between the two schools, the actor speculated.

In fact, he speculated just about the entire season, including a heartbreaking hypothetical scenario where Hope must “from a distance watch Landon fall for this other person, and there’s not much she can do about it since he doesn’t know who she is”. But at least Alaric may or may not meet and romance “single mother with kids” who is also the new sheriff. And, even better? “Caroline may or may not make an appearance.” Wowza!

Alaric’s twin daughters, played by Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant, have their own very big concerns to worry about. Just as their father is trying to find a solution to prevent one of them from being sacrificed in the Merge, the Saltzman girls themselves are being reshaped by the discovery of their curse. “Now that we understand what it means to actually lose each other,” Bryant declared. “It just means that we want to work together to find answers.” Thanks to Josie’s recent brush with death, the two of them are better equipped to do just that. “I think Lizzie listens more to Josie, and they have a more equal partnership.”

The other big change in their lives has been the erasure of Hope, which was unconsciously helped Lizzie out quite a bit. “That’s really changed Lizzie’s dynamic with her dad, her dynamic within the school and all the other students,” Boyd confessed. “I think Lizzie is enjoying life a little bit more than she was at the beginning of Season 1, and just feeling a little more grounded in herself.” Interestingly enough, that confidence allows her to take a step back from their father while Josie actually seeks him out more.

While they may not be brothers by blood, Rafael and Landon are truly family to one another. Which is why Peyton Alex Smith and Aria Shahghasemi had such a good time ribbing each other about their characters’ respective relationships with Hope. Despite Rafael’s many entanglements, Smith firmly believed that “the one true one that’s genuine is the Hope relationship. At least for me.” Shahghasemi’s character of Landon, on the other hand, had only Hope until she was sucked into the Malivore. He expressed trepidation about their romance in the near future, cautioning that, “Hope leaving was such a huge thing. Putting her back isn’t as simple as putting a puzzle piece back.”

On a personal level, Rafael’s season will be about “trying to figure out how to get back to being me” since he’s currently stuck in werewolf form, according to Smith. Landon, meanwhile, is struggling with the knowledge of his father’s evil deeds. “I think it is going to screw with him, knowing that [Malivore’s] his dad,” Shahghasemi agreed. “But just because you have a bad father doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. And I think that’s what he has to hold onto going forward.”

MG also has a best friend, Josie, though actor Quincy Fouse lamented that they never see each other onscreen. “I want just a little quiet, happy moment,” he requested. “But this is also The Vampire Diaries. Is anyone allowed to be happy, really?” Thankfully, MG does have another friend who has been there for him through thick and thin – and their bond will only increase in Legacies‘ second season. “[Kaleb] will be this constant while [MG]’s trying to figure out different things about himself and make the necessary changes.”

It’s been a tough journey for MG, going from a newbie vampire to practically the leader of the group, but Fouse was excited for the growth. His hope for the season? “Developing not just a reaction to an inciting event, but just having that kind of power in his stance overall,” all while still “being the endearing, bumbling MG that we love.” Now the only other love he need is his mother’s, who he cut ties with last season. Fouse claimed there was hope for the family, saying, “That would be up to Mom, honestly, to come to him with the correct energy. But now she’s stuck between the Triad and her son.”

Legacies EPs Julie Plec and Brett Matthews also shared several tidbits. A popular question was whether Penelope, Josie’s ex-girlfriend, could see a return. Plec guaranteed they were always thinking up ways to keep her presence alive on the show, and that they had landed on “a humdinger of one that at least makes her presence felt.” But for now, there’s a new sheriff in town, new Mystic Falls High School kids who are “a bit nicer” than Dana and Connor, and a “Klaus, Damon-y” style vampire who won’t fit in with the woke feminists at Salvatore School.

Watch the videos for more juicy quotes, and don’t forget that Legacies returns October 10th, 2019 on the CW.