REVIEW: Siren – 2.15: “Sacrifice”


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A reoccurring plot throughout this season of Siren has been Ryn and her fellow mermaids being able to conceive babies in order to create more mer-folk. Poor Ryn and her pod members have practically tried everything in the book. Except of course, reaching out to their potential foes – the military and the hybrids. Now the question is, can they be trusted?

Mermaids – A Tall Tail: We’ve seen a lot of humans discover that mer-folk are real on this show. From our two main faves, Maddie Bishop and Ben Pownall, to Xander and Dale; we even saw another human realize that mermaids just might be real! None of these people have really hindered the existence of mermaids. In fact, they’ve helped out our underwater friends many times! But of course in any supernatural series, there’s always two subgroups of people that we never want to get involved. That’s scientists (or I guess in this case the military) and news reporters. Unfortunately for Siren both are involved, with the latter holding the bigger threat! That’s right, Ian poked his nose where it didn’t belong and stumbled upon the hybrid ritual with Ryn. What does he decide to do? Film the ritual and casually kidnap Ryn; all for a news story! Ian literally went from a minor inconvenience to the ultimate villain. The military are our best friends in comparison. Given the outcome we see in the season finale trailer, Ian’s discovery and kidnapping of Ryn, is going to drastically alter the show, and I’m honestly anxiously nervous about the whole thing. What are your thoughts on Ian and the events that will lead up in the season finale because of him? Let’s also not forget the shady actions of the hybrid doctor, too! I completely trust Beth now (who would’ve thought), but was the hybrid doctor putting Ryn’s eggs/DNA into the other hybrid to create more hybrids? Or maybe the woman has had infertility issues as well? The finale better answer these questions!

“I see fish people.”

Splish Splash, I Remember the Past!: Okay, so technically Ben’s Dad never forgot the past, but he definitely neglected to believe a major part of it all these years ago. I’ve said this in many Siren reviews, but what I absolutely adore about this series is the level of depth they dive into with the mythology and the family history of the characters. We’ve heard about the history of the Pownalls, Helen’s family, Maddie’s family, and now we learn about what happened the night of Elaine’s accident! Not going to lie, all this time I imagined “the accident” was just a car accident that resulted in Elaine being paralyzed. I had no idea the accident involved the ocean and mermaids! Long story short, Elaine went overboard and when Ted dove in to save her, he saw a mermaid! The oil rig footage of Ryn must’ve triggered this forgotten memory, because I believe he even heard the siren song in day dreams (like father like son, I guess). I have to commend the writers once again for doing an amazing job on revealing this information to us. During a visit with Susan Bishop, she actually reiterated the story he told her that night per Ted’s request! Side note- prior to explaining, I thought she was going to reveal that she was a mermaid or the like. Regardless, my attention was completely all theirs! Let’s not forget the moment Ted sees the mermaid from before in a hallucination; it’s spooky and eerie and I also got H2O parallels from it. Do you think Ted (and even Elaine) will be on Team Mermaid or run away in fear? Any other family history moments you’d love to see explored on the show? I’d love to see more Xander and Maddie moments. I may be the captain of the Raddie ship, but I admire Xander and Maddie’s history and relationships like theirs are always so complex and backed by so much history, whether platonic or more.

“This mermaid in a bathtub ordeal seemed better in Aquamarine.”

Went Looking For a Nicole, Found a Chris: The last scene of the last episode was Ben shockingly finding Chris! Even I was floored! Why does the military have him locked up and why does he have zero memory of who Ben and everyone is? In “Sacrifice” with the help of Ben, Xander, and Calvin he tries to jog his memory of their friendship. He definitely does remember who he is, who his friends are, etc., but all the flashbacks that are shown (beautifully I might add!), there’s definitely some hesitation and fear buried deep down. The military claims that Chris is the way he is because of the siren song, which no one buys because have you seen Ben? He’s totally fine! Do you think the military did anything to Chris? I vote yes. Speaking of, where’s Nicole and what have they done to her? You can’t finally make me fall in love with her just to have her taken away! I think out of all of our unanswered questions prior to the finale, the whereabouts of Nicole and Chris’ behavior are the main things I want answered next week. Is there anything you’re dying to know more of?

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The season finale of Siren 2.16 “New World Order” airs Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform. The trailer can be viewed below.

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I seriously have so many questions about this trailer. Was there a time jump? Does the entire world know about mermaids now? How will this affect Ben and Maddie’s family members that are just finding out?

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