REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6E11 – From the Ashes

Wow. For an episode that sets up what’s sure to be a mind-blowing two-hour season finale, there was nothing boring or too exposition-heavy about this. Plus, there were those two bombshell moments…

At least they have each other, at the (possible) end of the world. (Image credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

So, Izel still has Mack and Yo-Yo right where she wants them. She also sneakily manages to get them to give her Dr. Benson, who’s the one who has the most information on where the monoliths were/where her temple is. I loved how Yo-Yo communicated to Dr. Benson, just as sneakily, that something was wrong with Mack. She’s so smart. Too bad Izel is also smart, and also way too powerful for even the combined wit and awesomeness of MackElena. Izel is also cruel enough to manipulate Dr. Benson in a way that I don’t think anyone could withstand for long. After all this is over, the Doc and MackElena are all going to need some serious therapy.

Speaking of cruel, back at the Lighthouse, both May and Daisy are still having trouble dealing with the guy who looks like Coulson – and apparently has some of Coulson’s memories – but isn’t Coulson. May wants to try to get Sarge to connect more with his Coulson-ness. Daisy, on the other hand, wants to wake up the thing inside of him that’s like Izel, in order to fight Izel. The others are understandably nervous that this would be a dangerous move. And at first, it seems like Daisy breaking Sarge’s neck was in fact the wrong move. But then comes the first shocking and emotional moment of the episode: as Sarge pleads with Daisy to kill him with the special sword Sarge was originally going to use to kill Izel, he calls her Skye. And if you think Daisy would be able to kill him after she hears that – and after she realizes he was going to Coulson-ly sacrifice himself… yeah, you don’t know Daisy very well. Chloe Bennet was just plain amazing throughout this whole episode. I hope we get to see the contents of Coulson’s final letter sometime. (I’m sure we will. Too much of a Chekov’s gun for it not to show up again, likely narrated by Clark Gregg’s voice.) Ming-Na Wen also broke my heart with her quiet longing for Coulson, as well as her care for Daisy.

Meanwhile, FitzSimmons plus Deke have been trying to figure out an effective way to stop Izel from possessing people. I loved how Simmons tried to talk Daisy down. I also loved the two grandparents watching their grandson solve the problem, and then how they all got to work right away on a prototype. Resonant frequencies as the possible solution is very interesting indeed.

What exactly does he remember about “Skye”?

Now, for that last surprise. While it was great to see Mack and Yo-Yo work together to get Dr. Benson out so he could tell SHIELD about Izel’s plan, this setup for the opening of the door that will let in all the body-possessing aliens is still chilling. But I was definitely not expecting the return of Flint, the Inhuman kid from the alternate future timeline. How did Izel know he’d be so useful to bring back? After all, his powers allowed him to assemble the Monolith last time he was on the show. Or were Elena and Mack just thinking about him (and worrying about what would happen if he came back) enough for the Monolith energy to bring him back? Either way, poor kid’s probably not going to be having a good time in the last two eps.

Next up is the finale. Who will Sarge be? How will he and the SHIELD team work together to stop Izel, and will he make himself into a new, fully realized person afterward? I’m highly intrigued to find out.