SDCC: 2019 Her Universe Fashion Show

The show also features a selection of junior designers. This portion was presented by Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe in partnership with Box Lunch. There were three winners and three honorable mentions. Steven Universe: The Movie will air on Cartoon Network on September 2, 2019.


  • Emerson – Emerald Business Evil
  • Emily – Pearl Gala
  • Kayla – Ultra Lapis


  • Canada – Rainbow Quartz
  • Wesley – I Am My Mom
  • Mercy – Fusion Cuisine

As someone who has followed the show online for the past five years, it was amazing being there in person. You could feel the excitement and energy circulating the ballroom once the doors opened. If you were waiting in line for a seat, The Pop Insider was on hand to interact with the crowd. Fans could even see some of the Harry Potter and She-Ra garments on display up close. There were She-Ra and logo banner photo ops that people could jump in on if they wanted to. In a world that can be filled with toxicity, having a community like this one is a breath of fresh air. It’s nice seeing people empower others. Everybody here’s passionate about their fandom. The event also featured the new She-Ra, Star Wars, The Dress Shop, Marvel, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Harry Potter, and Haunted Mansion collections. Eckstein even announced a very important collaboration with Nationwide Children’s. The On Our Sleeves movement was created to transform children’s mental health and break the stigma that comes with it.

Fashion is unique to the individual. Everybody presents themselves differently. That’s why these kind of spaces are so important. They remind us that it’s okay to be you. You are enough and you are ready to take on the world. Geek fashion has certainly come along way. Fandom can often get a bad rep but we’re here to prove that it’s so much more than the negative connotations outsiders associate it with. We can come together. From bounding to cosplay to couture there truly is something for everyone to explore. We’re glad events like this one are sticking around a little bit longer so more people have the opportunity to experience them.

Congratulations on getting a part in She-Ra, Ashley! Thank you for having us, everyone! Until next time. Here’s to many more.

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