REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6E10 – Leap

So, remember how last week ended with May apparently shooting Sarge point-blank? And I guessed that must be because Izel had gotten into Davis, and then into May? (You probably do remember. It was only a week ago.)

Yeah, so, Izel got into Davis, and then into May, and then shot Sarge. But don’t worry (?!): Sarge isn’t dead. In fact, much to the consternation of Fitz, Simmons, and Mack, he actually recovers from the multiple close-range gunshot wounds and blood loss. Like, without a scratch on him. What is he, indeed?

I’m going to miss Piper & Davis together. He was part of the family, for sure.

Meanwhile, no one really believes that May was pushed too far and just shot a prisoner in custody. I love the fact that Yo-Yo, Daisy, and Piper were all deeply suspicious of a “May” who would do something like that. As they said, she doesn’t use guns unless she has to; she was much more likely to have beaten him up than shot him. That’s a team who is a family. They all know each other. Heck, even Davis (poor Davis *sob*) recognized that May wouldn’t normally be so sweet to him, or anyone. Plus, they all have had enough experience with alien possession/LMDs/alternate timelines that they know when something is off.

I think Izel did underestimate how fast these guys would discover what was going on. Unfortunately for our team, she’s still powerful and seemingly unstoppable. Despite Mack locking down the base (good call, Mack!), and everyone trying to take excellent precautions, Izel jumps from body to body basically just as she desires. And Davis ends up paying the price, as he’s forced to leap to his death just before Izel leaps to Mack’s body to go get the gravitonium device that was powered by all three monoliths. See, that wasn’t exactly a rift into a fear dimension that was causing all those creepy apparitions to appear in the Lighthouse last season, before Coulson used the gravitonium device to seal it. As best as Fitz and Deke can theorize, the three monoliths are space, time, and creation. The creation monolith thus literally created those apparitions. Although as I recall, they still disappeared in a puff of smoke when they were destroyed, so there’s still some questions there.

But the biggest reveal of the episode is definitely the connection between Sarge and Izel. In an intense one-on-one scene between Izel and “Sarge,” she tells him that she never stole his memories or even tried to kill him. He’s one of her race, a non-corporeal entity who ended up in a copy of Coulson’s body that the monolith energy created and flung back in time when Coulson closed the rift. He still has Coulson’s memories buried in there, confusing him. Izel tries to convince “Sarge” to admit the truth: that they should join together, to bring the rest of their people to this dimension so they can all get bodies of their own. Which she wants to do somehow via the shrike – not a hundred percent clear on those details. But Sarge refuses. Still, though Izel was clearly disappointed, that doesn’t stop her from taking over Yo-Yo and leaving in the Zephyr. Oh yeah, and she has the gravitonium (for its monolith powers) and Mack with her. Because Mack demanded to go with them/her. Not. Good.

In some way, it’s all Coulson’s grief at losing the memories of his SHIELD family that’s making Sarge like this.

So, Davis is dead – barring any possible miraculous revival. (I was afraid he’d die way back at the beginning of the season, but it still hurts now.) Poor Piper is traumatized and furious. Izel/Yo-Yo is off to who knows where with her little ball of power. And Sarge is pacing around like a crazed beast in a containment cell. Also, was it just me, or did the way the skin on his hand start to dissolve away there at the end remind anyone else of that Ghost Rider guy that Fitz and Deke were discussing?

As we head toward the last three eps of the season, who wants to bet that Sarge will take on some of Coulson’s more heroic traits and end up destroying Izel, after he acknowledges his power to do so?