REVIEW: Siren – 2.13: “The Outpost”


Polymarine morning bed scenes is how every episode should start.

Siren is back on our screens! It was only gone for a couple weeks, but it honestly felt like a little mini hiatus. Is the show a siren song in itself? Oh my goodness, that was cheesy, I apologize!

“The Outpost” picks up right where we left off from the 2 hour set of episodes. Levi’s back in town, the military bugged Ben’s boat house, and the mermaid mating season is fast approaching. Also, I feel I should point out that Freeform didn’t have promotional images from the episode, so screenshots are from yours truly.

Marine biologist Maddie is a mood!

I Spy With My Little Eye…: Something that’s none of my business! At least that’s what any sensible person would think. But for the military? Not so much. As we saw in the last episode, the military (maybe headed by Nicole?) put cameras in Ben’s boat house. There’s a teeny tiny part of me that sees their point of view; they want data and knowledge, and they’ll do whatever it takes. But unapproved cameras? Nope! Especially when you have someone watching Ben, Ryn, and Maddie when they’re having sex! Fortunately, Maddie figures it out in the end, thanks to either a gut feeling or a slip up from the military, I couldn’t really tell. Now we ask the question, how will this affect the relationship between the military and Ryn, Ben, and Maddie? They’ve been a great resource for doing testing and finding out answers about mermaids, but everyone needs to work together on this. I hope we see Nicole in the next couple of episodes so we can see her point of view. I’m definitely Team Nicole and trust her (sans camera incident obviously).

A little on the same topic, it appears we have the news crew poking their nose in the fishy business of mermaids. We know we can trust Xander and Calvin (the former rather than the latter, let’s be honest), but will the reporter Ian eventually find out everything mermaids on his own? I kind of think so?

Helen Hawkins – the hybrid hero we hail!

Hybrid Meeting Happenings: So we have the military, the news crew, and now the hybrid group interested in all things mermaids. Everyone just needs to get into a single file line please! When it comes to the hybrid group, they will stop at nothing to get to know the full blooded ones (merfolk). So much in fact that Beth kidnaps Levi from Helen’s shop to bring him to their weird hybrid group meeting. I say “kidnap” very loosely because technically Levi went on his own accord, but he doesn’t really understand the ways of humans as well as Ryn does.

I really want to know what the end goal of they hybrid group is. Their group meetings are a little on the strange side, and they completely worship the full blooded ones, but that’s about it? I don’t want to say I’m disappointed in what the hybrid group is or what makes a hybrid person – we still have a few episodes to go. I guess I was just expecting more than just a cult with a skin condition? Do they have any mermaid abilities? Can doctors find out what they are from bloodwork? We do know that the hybrid group despises the Pownalls, as we see from Helen’s family being murdered and Beth freaking out after realizing from Helen that she’s also a descendant from Charles Pownall. Going off of this, while it might be brutal, I would love to see a flashback episode dedicated to the Pownalls or Helen’s family so we can really see what’s at stake for everyone. Anyone else feel this way as well or am I the lone fish?

Will mating season be successful or will their species continue to plummet?

Mating Season is Coming: Okay, so there’s no particular “mating season,” it’s more of a feeling when the mermaid feels is ready, I just wanted to make a terrible Game of Thrones reference. I tweeted this on our live Twitter account last night, but I’m not the biggest fan of pregnancy story-lines in TV shows (especially in fantasy based ones), but I’m so interested to see more of the mating process of merfolk. From what we started to see in “The Outpost,” it looks like they just sparkle and duel? I really want to know where they got the idea for this from, because my mind immediately goes to elements of Twilight. I’m also intrigued with how their family relationships are set up amongst merfolk. If Levi and Ryn are successful and they make more merfolk, would they be the parents? Would Ryn be pregnant (if so, for how long?) or would a bunch of mermaid eggs be laid throughout the ocean? I know it’s weird to think about, but the Siren writers must have thought about things like this at some point! I absolutely commend them on tackling story-lines like this, I’ve never seen mermaid films/shows mention anything of the sort!

What were your thoughts on 2.13: “The Outpost”?

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The next new episode of Siren 2.14: “The Last Mermaid” airs Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform. The trailer can be viewed below.

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