REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6E9 – Collision Course (Part II)


Okay, this is me trying to breathe after that episode, which was basically non-stop action and near-death moments, and everyone being at peak awesomeness from beginning to end. This was a fantastic episode, probably one of the best of the season.

This is adorable, Piper, but is that actually Davis? What happened to him on Izel’s ship??

We pick up right where we left off, with May, Daisy, Snowflake, and Deke in the truck barreling toward Izel’s nasty shrike tower, FitzSimmons stuck on Izel’s ship as the only non-zombified crew, and Sarge having just portaled his way onboard the Zephyr. Deke tries his best to deactivate what they learn is an atom bomb, but there just isn’t enough time. So instead, Daisy awesomely cancels out the vibrations of the crash with her Quake powers, saving everyone onboard. I love that this season is giving Daisy more chances to show off just how powerful she is. Of course, now the tower has turned into hundreds and hundreds of evil bat parasite aliens, so that’s not great.

The scene with those guys all trying to board up the truck and arm themselves against the shrike felt like it might have been an homage to The Birds – except this scene was scarier, because alien parasites. But I loved May saving Deke just in time, and of course Daisy being even more of a badass and dissolving all the shrike into dust. Heck, even Snowflake was extremely impressed. As she should be.

For all of us who were frustrated that Fitz and Simmons didn’t seem to fully grasp the dangers of their situation in last week’s ep, this week was a nice change. Since they’re both geniuses, it was gratifying to watch them quickly determine that the crew shouldn’t be acting like zombies, and that Izel is much more dangerous than she’d seemed before. I’d almost forgotten that neither of them knew about Sarge before. That scene with them hearing his voice over the comms was very, very well done. Also, Izel took Sarge’s memories, huh? Interesting. Is he somehow still actually Coulson?? Will we ever find out? That final scene seems to make that, um, less likely. More on that later.

Speaking of Sarge, being this close to Izel seems to have driven him a bit crazy. I felt bad for Pax, but Sarge had already rather broadly hinted that he didn’t consider the guy necessary. But it felt very in-character for Jaco to take that as one step too far. Sweet that he and Yo-Yo really did seem to have a connection. I’ll miss the big guy. A hero’s death for sure – one that would have made his family proud no doubt. Now there’s only Snowflake left, of their original crew. I think it’s very reasonable for her to still be locked up, but I also think she might be willing to work with SHIELD from now on. Or from now until she … also dies heroically? Hmm. I guess the other possibility is that she escapes and goes back to space. I don’t think she’ll try to kill any other SHIELD personnel without provocation, though. Also, Deke, you’re not a bad guy, but you’re still dumb. Glad Daisy remains unfazed by that.

And speaking of Deke, his scene at the end with a rather bemused Fitz was hilarious and adorable. I assume Jemma told him who Deke is to them? Or maybe she’s enjoying Fitz’s confusion too much. I dunno. Hee.

Something tells me they’re going to be interrupted with some bad news in just a few minutes.

Mack is a good director, and a good man. I know we all already knew this, but this ep definitely reinforced it. And part of that is how much he cares for and trusts his people. Yo-Yo was the key to everyone surviving Sarge’s takeover, which Mack knows. And yeah, his use of “Toldja” was a little smug, but I don’t blame him.

Lastly, that final scene. I did not see that coming. My guess is that Izel, seeing that she was outnumbered and outgunned, somehow jumped into Davis. That was what made him all sleepy, and then somehow she got into May from there? And is that really the end of Sarge – and the end of Clark Gregg being on the show? (Say it ain’t so!) Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out…