REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6E8 – Collision Course (Part I)

I guess it is about that point in the season when we get an extra-suspenseful cliffhanger, isn’t it?

Not sure which of these two takes it as more of a personal insult that Sarge looks like Coulson.

So, as we saw at the end of last week’s episode, our SHIELD team and Sarge’s team have reluctantly joined forces in order to combat the shrike and their creator. The Beast, as Sarge calls her, is on the way. He plans to kill her before she can do what she’s done on so many other worlds: destroy the planet and kill everyone on it. So Mack agrees to allow Sarge his truck and just one of his teammates, as long as Sarge allows May and Daisy to go along with him. Deke also joins them, to help fix a special shrike-repelling thingy they need for their mission. And while Mack says he and the rest of the team will stay back at base, he doesn’t bother to inform Sarge that what he means by that is their airborne base, the Zephyr. On which they will be following Sarge. Clever Mack.

Meanwhile, this ep wastes no time at all confirming that Izel is, in fact, the creator of the shrike. Of course FitzSimmons don’t know that yet, but at least Jemma did stop Fitz from just blabbing everything they know about the monoliths to her. For a guy who’s survived a lot of sketchy situations in space, Fitz was still oddly trusting of a woman they hardly know at all. Sure, she had a sad story about her crew and her attempts to locate these “artifacts”, but still. Hold your horses, Fitz. Also, I know your situation with Jemma and your alternate timeline self is awkward, but try not to take it out on her. She’s trying her best, and she still loves you, just as much as she loved your alternate timeline self.

That scene with Izel singing to the shrike in her hands was super-creepy. I also feel bad for Toad and … that other guy. Sure, they were pretty useless, but they didn’t deserve to be made into hosts. And now Fitz & Simmons are the only non-hosts on board, I think – other than the Beast herself. But if any of what Izel told the two scientists is true, I expect we’ll be hearing more about Sarge’s mysterious origins from her in next week’s episode. (On a related note, how does destroying planets have anything to do with “connecting life together”, Izel?)

An alien parasite bat that only a mother(?) could love.

And speaking of Sarge, I tend to agree with May that he’s at least slightly trustworthy – which is to say, that what he does decide to share with the class is more believable than what Izel says. Obviously, he’s still a ruthless killer who is motivated by hate, as he himself admitted. He’s even willing to sacrifice Snowflake. But I believe that what he says about what Izel has done before and what she wants to accomplish now is true, though I bet she has more to her motivation than hate. Though who knows – when she finds out that the monoliths were destroyed, I’m betting she’s not going to be happy.

Benson’s discoveries about the Beast in Inca mythology were interesting. Wonder if that actually has any basis in real-life Inca history. Either way, at least that discussion led to some fun scenes between Mack and Yo-Yo. I’ve missed seeing them interact positively. Also, Yo-Yo locking Pax and Jacco back up was pretty freaking awesome! I love her.

So, we have a kamikaze truck headed straight for the shrike’s creepy tower, with a bomb set to explode upon contact with it. Izel and her small army of shrike hosts are ready to disembark as soon as their ship lands, while FitzSimmons, unable to contact base, have very little idea what’s going on. Sarge, Jacco, and Pax have another plan in motion. And now Malachi is going to try to use the data gathered from FitzSimmons’ brains to … do something sinister, I’m sure. Quite the set-up.

Theories as to how all these problems are going to be solved/made more complicated next week? Feel free to share them below!