REVIEW: Siren – 2.11 & 2.12: “Mixed Signals/Serenity”


Has sea lion eyes, but could rip you the shreds like a shark!

Where do I even begin with this episode? Or should I say episodes? I’m not sure if it’s because we live in the day and age where we binge the majority of our television shows, but I really felt these episodes were almost made to be watched together. I would even say that “Mixed Signals” showed the effect the siren song had on Ben and *gulps* Maddie. Then “Serenity” was where they tried to figure out how to resolve said problem.

We pretty much pick up right where the previous episode left off. Ryn is currently on the loose and a serious threat to those around her, due to the aftereffects of giving her stem cells to Ben’s Mom. Good News: Maddie and Ben are able to track her down (thanks to Nicole), and Ryn ultimately returns to normal. Bad News: it’s because she sang her siren song to Maddie! Yes, Maddie has officially heard Ryn’s song (I know the headphones moment was unclear) and I am not okay with it! Okay, so that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration on my part. Throughout the episode, my opinion on this changed because the writers once again amaze me with their mythology and care of relationships on the show. But more on that in a bit.


“I had feelings for her before it happened.”

As mentioned above, we learn quite a bit of information about the siren song in these duo episodes. For starters, the song could affect everyone differently. It’s also revealed that the song allows you to give into your deepest wants and desires. For Ben, we saw his obsession with Ryn become heightened and the same goes for Decker. For Maddie it was slightly different. Sure, she’s incredibly irritable and keeps seeing hallucinations of Ryn, but the song also made her almost kiss Xander (remembering their old feelings for each other, something that I want explored more on a platonic level please!) and announce her relationship with Ben and Ryn to the entire Pownall family. “We’re in love,” she says, right before kissing both of her partners. I know this scene was supposed to show the effects of the song, but you strip that fantasy element down and essentially this is a coming out scene. We see the reactions of Ben’s family and even Xander’s when Maddie’s Mom tells him (you literally saw them kiss a few episodes ago, dude!). “Mixed Signals” was really everything to me because it was the writers’ way of confirming for us, that the relationship between Ben, Maddie, and Ryn (Polymarine) was 100% real, not because of the siren song(!!) and honestly, end game material. You will probably see an editorial from me on Polymarine because this is truly too important to not gush about!

Fortunately, the gang is able to take a submarine to what’s called the “Healing Rock” to significantly heal the effects of the siren song for Ben and Maddie. They’re cured! I’m curious if they end up making repeated trips to this underwater area in order to reverse the effects of the song in later episodes. After all, Ben’s Mom needs more injections, which causes Ryn to go into “full on mermaid mode,” and can only be reversed by singing the song. I’m sure it’s bound to be a never-ending cycle. A little side note, but we saw the return of the mermaid Eliza, who is revealed to be a healer among the mermaids! This detail was so small, but I would love to know if there are any other roles among the different merfolk pods!

Just your typical family dinner where you kiss your girlfriend and boyfriend in front of everyone.

That’s not the only little mer-lesson we got in these episodes. Turns out Helen’s parents hid out in a cottage at Ben’s family home years ago! Helen notices the same well from old family videos and puts the connection together. Ben’s Dad even finds letters from his ancestors confirming this! Given this information and the fact that he saw Ryn on the security footage, I’m curious when he’ll find out about mermaids. Or if he already knows.

Speaking of knowing about mermaids, I was very surprised to learn that the hybrid group honestly thought that merfolk weren’t actually real. Like you are literally a hybrid filled with some percentage of mer-DNA, where did you think that stemmed from, Beth? The hybrid group continues to confuse me and I still think they’d be cooler with a group name!

What were your thoughts on both of the episodes “Mixed Signals” and “Serenity”?

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Two weeks until the next Siren episode, 2.13: “The Outpost.”

The trailer can be viewed below.

I’m starting to understand how the “Ryn gets pregnant” theory got started. Let’s hope it at least ends with good results for the mermaids.

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