REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6E7 – Toldja

I’m not sure how it’s possible for this show to keep being so freaking good every week. But somehow, that’s what it keeps doing.

So. Deke is back at SHIELD headquarters, recovered from his stab wound. He’s excited to see Daisy, who is not not pleased to see him. But his excitement only lasts until he learns that his timeline’s version of his grandpa died, and no one bothered to tell him about the mission to rescue this timeline’s version. Which is fair. I loved the scene between him and Mack. I think they could be actual friends, if given enough time. (Of course, it helps that Mack is a genuinely good and patient guy.)

That episode title *had* to be spoken by this smug dude. Now I’m waiting for the rest of our SHIELD team to surprise him – not just May.

The more important issue that our Earthbound SHIELD team is dealing with is how to stop the shrike. Mack and Yo-Yo and May really want to be able to save the hosts, which Sarge thinks is ridiculously naive. I gotta be honest, though I see where our friends are coming from, I agreed with Sarge there. I mean, maybe if there was a way to freeze each creepy alien bat shrike before it got down into the host’s abdomen, maybe then you could save the host. Otherwise, c’mon. But anyway, I’m glad Daisy and Mack managed to stop Jocco from his would-be fire-breathing (!) rampage throughout the Lighthouse to free the rest of Sarge’s team. Guess Sarge’s guys weren’t expecting an Inhuman to be there. Daisy and Mack are awesome. It was satisfying to see Sarge’s smirk wiped off his face for a few seconds at that. As Deke so wisely said, the real Coulson would never be such a jerk. BTW, still no more answers on how Sarge came to look so much like Coulson, or how they share the same DNA.

Anyway, the team tracks down two hosts and captures them, and at least they have the sense to put them in a containment pod on the way back. But they don’t have the sense to put them in two separate pods. Surely they had two pods available?? Have they not learned that these things are terrifying in shocking ways? In the end, they have to rely on Sarge’s know-how to stop everyone on the plane from dying, and stop the shrike from spreading further. And we can all feel Mack’s and Daisy’s frustration when they are forced to give in to smirking Sarge’s demands in order to do this. I just hope Mack has a little more up his sleeve here – that he had some plans for in case things went this way. ‘Cuz I don’t know about you, but I want to see SHIELD and Sarge’s team continue to work together as reluctant allies in this fight. At least for a while longer.

Jocco the Fire-Breathing Baker. Who woulda thought? (I love how Daisy just assumes he was turning into a dragon.)

Meanwhile, out in space, Enoch’s “bold action” from the end of last week’s episode ends up returning the trio to Kitson. Which is not a place where any of them wanted to return. Totally agree with Jemma that Kitson was way more fun when she and Daisy were high on puffs. (Also, Fitz’s confusion whenever Jemma referenced that really makes me want him to hear about that story!) Anthony Michael Hall was excellent as Kitson himself. Even in his few short scenes, he portrayed a slimy, profit-hungry casino magnate to perfection. But Karolina Wydra’s Izell is more intriguing. What artifacts is she trying to recover on Earth? Is she the shrike’s maker, or is it still somehow going to be FitzSimmons? And what does all this have to do with the monoliths – which Dr. Benson is still presumably off investigating?

Lastly, I look forward to when Fitz decides to contact Enoch again. I’m gonna miss the big guy.

Do you have any theories about the mysteries of Sarge’s origins? What about the shrike? Let us know in the comments!