REVIEW: Siren – 2.10: “All In”


Everyone is “all in” in their investments in this episode of Siren. Whether that be a lifesaving stem cell trial, a mysterious hybrid group or a simple poker game. But should they put their trust in it?

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve always been most fascinated with the mythology of the mermaids in Siren, if the show has finally found its footing, the relationship of Ben, Maddie, and Ryn is in full swing or a bit of all three – but I have been really enjoying these past couple episodes. As mentioned, I’ve always wanted to learn more about the mermaid mythology. We’ve learned a lot throughout both seasons, but I think now that both the audience and the characters actually know that these mythical creatures exist, it’s time to take a deep dive into how they tick. The same can be said for the hybrids as well. Which I am over the moon to learn more about!


“This will help Ben’s Mother?”
“Not too much.”

One mermaid’s stem cells are another one’s life saver: Ben’s mother Elaine’s health isn’t doing too good. She’s rapidly losing feeling in her hands and it could get much worse as time ticks on. Fortunately for Elaine, there’s a readily available mermaid filled with magical stem cells for her to use. But what works wonderfully for Ben’s Mom has some serious side effects for Ryn. It seems as almost her mermaid instincts are taking over even without being in the water! And with Elaine eventually needing more mermaid stem cells, it’s bound to do even more damage to Ryn. While it could very well be because of the extraction, I’ve seen a lot of theories surfacing that Ryn’s bizarre behavior is due to her being pregnant. While I don’t think that’s true nor would I personally want that to happen (it’s honestly just going to cause unnecessary drama in my opinion), I think I remember seeing a promo of season 2B where Ryn is trying to prevent merfolk from being extinct so she mates with a merman? I could be wrong, but that could very well eventually happen?


They’ll always have their jellyfish (jello) inside joke!

The First Rule of Hybrid Club…: Don’t reveal the hidden hybrid history among the group. Your life could very well be at risk. But honestly, I would be suspicious when my sister kidnaps me and locks me in a closet and I’m just supposed to be okay with it. As soon as Rick’s sister reveals that her family are all mer-hybrids, it’s water under the bridge for him. Helen, too! Well, fortunately by the end of it, our girl Helen thinks they’re just as fishy as I do. Having Helen talk to longtime member (well not for long), John, was great for both her and us to see. I mean, I never trusted them for a minute (see kidnapping mentioned above), but it was nice to have someone know Helen’s parents, so we’re also able to get more family history. What do you guys think of the hybrid group? Totally harmless or not to be trusted? I have a feeling that Rick is going to believe in them wholeheartedly, just to be shocked in the end. And Helen will surely try to put a stop to them. Personally, I also think they need a group name. All the cool groups have a name, especially the evil ones!


They work as a team or nothing.

“You’re my crew!”: This may be a show centered around mermaids, but the human relationships are just as important. This is especially true for Calvin and Xander. The pair just went through a traumatic event and in a way have to re-configure their lives now that the North Star is gone. For Xander that’s working at a bar. For Calvin, it’s gambling? He must be really good at it because he’s bringing in stacks of cash each night. But with these new career paths (some shadier than the other), comes the underlying tension on Calvin’s end that Xander basically ruined his life by letting the North Star be destroyed. We’re left off at their confrontation, so we’re not sure where their friendship lies in the end. But I believe they’ll make up in the end, after maybe the two see some perspective? Xander never wanted to be in the fishing business, but for Calvin that was a steady job, so I see both sides.

What were your thoughts on the 2.10: “All In”?

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