REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S6E6 – Inescapable

A large part of me just wants to spend this whole review gushing about Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker, and how excellent they both are. But five hundred-plus words of “OMG THEY’RE SO GREAT!!1” might get a bit old. So I’ll do my best to build from that central thesis.

Kids, learn to deal with your negative emotions when you’re still kids, or they might attack your fiance someday in the future.

All right. Fitz and Simmons are in a special Chronicom-designed mind prison, where all of their thoughts are shared and anything they think of can appear for them. The intended goal: solving the time travel problem together, and thereby helping Altarah and the other surviving Chronicoms to save their planet. But first, the two geniuses are going to have to work through a heck of a lot of personal issues. And with six seasons plus their backstories, I do mean a LOT of issues.

As soon as we learned about Jemma’s little box that her dad taught her to shove all of her bad feelings into, I knew that was going to be really bad. Suppression, as Fitz pointed out, is not a way of actually dealing with things. (Seven-year-old Jemma was incredibly adorable, though!) But Jemma’s Id Monster version of herself? Terrifying. I can’t decide whether Framework Nazi HYDRA Fitz or the Id Monster Jemma is worse. We’ve dealt with HYDRA Fitz before, I suppose, while Jemma’s monster was new. Also, that bone knife! Yikes! I really, really did not need to see Monster!Jemma torturing poor Fitz, by the way.

Seeing Fitz react to everything surrounding his other timeline’s counterpart’s death, though: heartbreaking. And when he learned about Coulson? I teared up for real. None of us are over it, either, Fitz. And then Jemma broke my heart even further by reliving her memory of promising Coulson she would “get to work” to find Fitz, too. She could have walked away from that memory – but she didn’t. Man, what are these two going to do once they find out about Fauxlson?

I love, love the fact that both Jemma and Fitz called on memories of their dear friends to rescue them in their greatest need. Because of course Mack would come to Fitz’s rescue, and of course Daisy would save Jemma. Awww. Also, Academy-era Fitz and Simmons were adorable. Not that we would expect anything else.

I’m glad they didn’t completely relive their near-death experience at the bottom of the ocean. That’s the kind of moment that would be cheapened by revisiting it more than just briefly. But man, the continuity in this episode! I could rave about it for hours. Just so excellent. Well done, show writers.

“I didn’t know you liked that.”
“I didn’t know you’d do that!”

Lingering question: is it possible for a proposal that takes place only inside the minds of both participants to be legally recognized? Or do FitzSimmons need to propose for a third time? OTOH, they both lived it this time, so they probably don’t need another one. And they really are unstoppable together.

Lastly, I loved that little scene between Mack and Daisy at the end. Aw, Mack. You really missed Turbo, didn’t you? And speaking of people who are going to be personally offended by Fauxlson, how’s Daisy going to take that news? Also, while I feel bad for the Chronicoms losing their planet and all, YAY Enoch! A “bold action” indeed, friend.

For me, that might be a new favorite episode. Any ep that gives its stars such a chance to shine, playing multiple versions of their characters, automatically lands on my top list. Reminds me very pleasantly of Fringe‘s many standout episodes.

What did you think of the episode? Are you hoping – like we are – that FitzSimmons get some time together now? Let us know in the comments!