REVIEW: Siren – 2.09: “No North Star”


Ryn is love.

As the summer weather approaches, we can usually expect the summer films and shows to follow suit. So it’s perfect that Siren is back on our television screens! And after the season three renewal announcement last month, we have even more episodes to look forward to!

This episode had everything for me! From a generous amount of Raddie scenes (and polymarine scenes as a whole), a deep dive into the merfolk world, and continued information on hybrids!

The episode picked up right where its former left off: that giant fire started by Donna’s daughter. Fortunately for everyone involved, they made it out in time. But the North Star on the other hand? Well, there’s a reason this episode is called “No North Star.” Throughout the premiere episode, there are several conversations about why Xander allowed the ship to continue burning. I think in a way, he was letting go of everything that was left of his Dad’s? As he mentions, he fell into the fishing business because of his father, so now that the boat’s gone, the world’s his oyster in a way. While everyone around him is flabbergasted for even thinking about this, I’m excited to where Xander’s journey is headed! Plus, I’m very relieved that he made it out okay. Phew!

You’re too good to me, Siren.

We’re met with a brief time jump of 2 weeks shortly after the accident. Ryn and the other mermaids are gone and it’s left Maddie and Ben basically craving her song. I’m not going to get into the siren song aspect of it too much because I honestly thought that ship had sailed and I’m a tad disheartened by it. I guess what I will say is I hope we continue to see Ben, Maddie and Ryn’s relationship without the siren song sneaking its way in! I want their feelings for each other to be valid!

Xander/Maddie – The relationship we need to see more of!

In the various teasers that were released prior to the premiere, it was revealed that in these next batch of episodes, we were going to see where the merfolk resided below (a part of their world if you will!) and more information on hybrids. We started getting a glimpse into both, and I’m incredibly excited about them. First with the mermaids. It seems to me that they’ve discovered an abandoned ship with another mermaid?! Excuse me, I need more information on this please! She also looked eerily like Helen, which has me wondering.

Speaking of Helen, her fishy relative, Rick, went to visit his sister – to reveal his newfound knowledge to her. She doesn’t take it too well and immediately starts suggesting he’s crazy. But that very well could be a coverup, seeing how she had someone kidnap Helen and Rick! Oh my mermaid!

What were your thoughts on the Siren season 2B premiere?

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The next new episode of Siren 2.10: “All In” airs Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform. The trailer can be viewed below.

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