REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S5 Ep1 – Here to Help

Fear the Walking Dead S5Ep1

Fear the Walking Dead premiered its fifth season with a plane crash as the group continues their crusade to help others only to see that even the best of intentions still have unfortunate consequences.

Since they killed off Nick and Madison last season, it’s been difficult to care about Fear the Walking Dead and the new group of main characters, of which only Alicia remains from the Clark family. There was an attempt in this episode to make the new group more interesting and compelling but while Alicia had some badass moments slaying walkers, the rest of the group behaved in unbelievably stupid ways.

Fear the Walking Dead S5First of all, why would you try to fly a plane when you clearly didn’t know how? I guess the writers wanted to start the season with a big event but the thought of the group risking all their lives on a vehicle no one is qualified to pilot is ridiculous. These are supposed to be smart and capable survivors, not idiots. They crash land into a horde of walkers and are saved by three siblings who have clearly learned how to make it on their own. The children (and I’m guessing this is not hte last we are going to see of them) are interesting enough as new characters and are understandably skeptical of Morgan’s new mission to save others.

The last season ended with Morgan somehow convincing the others that they need to go around helping those in need. Such altruistic motives have never led to much success on shows like Fear the Walking Dead and, proving the new kids’ skepticism to be sound, they end up led to a distant truck stop by the shady Logan, who effectively convinced them to leave the safety of their refuge so that he could quietly claim it. Granted, Strand, Charlie, Sarah, and Wendell are still there but Logan’s group got what they wanted, not because they were particularly shrewd but mostly because Morgan and the rest were so painfully gullible. Now, they’re stuck in some remote truck stop until they figure out how to beat Logan and his crew and take back their abandoned denim factory of a refuge. Again, it is becoming more and more difficult to root for characters who are instruments in their own destruction.

Luciana gets mortally wounded and June manages to perform some impressive surgery on her and keep her alive. As another reviewer notes, it is implausible that only Luciana eFear the Walking Dead S5Ep1 Cnded up gravely injured after that plane crash. For a moment, I thought she would be given a mercy killing as she has not had anything interesting to do for the past seasons. But she is not granted that dignity and she will need to suffer through more episodes.

The most intriguing parts of the episode were due to Al, one of the most annoying characters on the show at the moment and not only because she chose to fly a plane when she had no idea how to do so. But by some coincidence, she happened to interview Daniel Salazar, a video watched by Strand with some trepidation. But I’m glad that Daniel is finally back on Fear the Walking Dead no matter how ridiculous the plot twists to bring him back.

Another mystery Al is somehow involved in solving is potentially the group that will hide Rick Grimes. She stubbornly goes out alone in the rain and dark to investigate an armored walker she had previously impaled. She finds some documents with the same symbol as the helicopter that took Rick away. Since the main show didn’t do much to address Rick’s absence, it would be very intriguing if the spinoff would somehow explore this strange and seemingly ubiquitous organization. At any rate, the season has begun and it’s anything goes for the remaining survivors.