REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6E2 – Window of Opportunity

Well, as usual, episode 2 of the season brings some answered questions, as well as a whole host of new questions.

“I’ve got time.” Yeah, sort of, but if the show takes too much more “time” to get FitzSimmons back together…!!!

First of all, I’m glad we spent a lot of time with Fitz and Enoch (yay, Enoch!) this week. I’m glad we learned immediately that Fitz does not have amnesia, and that the creepy silver in his eyes was just an attempted disguise. Also, there’s something poignant in the fact that Fitz keeps trying to save lives so that he can remain worthy of Jemma’s love, even as Jemma goes a bit off the deep end in her efforts to find him. (Was Fitz’s “Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool” in response to Enoch’s willingness to allow collateral damage a shoutout to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or just him being adorable & awkward?) And then of course, they just miss each other in this ep. You guys! Always being heartbreaking and sweet and frustrating all at once.

Second, I wanted to punch Dr. Benson in the face after his out-of-line comments about Coulson, too – but I’m glad neither May nor I did. He may be tactless, but he seems like he’s going to be worth having around. And what the heck is up with Sarge being really not Coulson at all, but sharing his DNA underneath a few alien markers? And Sarge recognizes the name Coulson? Have people/aliens been messing around and doing experiments with the actual Coulson’s dead body again? ‘Cuz I’m not okay with this. Also, of course Mack already knew about Yo-Yo and Keller. Like Yo-You said, he’s very observant. And apparently it either only bothers him a little, or he’s just not giving himself time to consider it. My money’s on the latter.

Also, that moment with Sarge selecting his sunglasses – lingering on and then moving past Phil’s preferred aviators – was well-played. ‘Cuz he’s not Coulson, shared DNA or no. I did like the little scene where he lays on the charm with the jewelry store employee. It was also … nice? That he doesn’t agree with Snowflake’s tendency to slit everyone’s throats indiscriminately. On the other hand, it appears that he set up Tinker to die in the concrete wall, based on his comment to Jocko (?), the huge tank of a guy. I don’t think Pax is going to last very long. Which is too bad, since he might be one of the more reasonable members of Sarge’s team. Maybe. Hard to say, though. They’re all scary.

Which makes it all the more impressive and awesome, the way May stood up to all of them for a good long while. Okay, yes, she should not have gone to confront them by herself. But I mean, she fought off Jocko the Tank more than once, and who knows what she might have been able to do to them all if that pesky portal hadn’t gotten in the way? She might have seen it as a failure, but now at least the seed of doubt – or something – has been planted in Sarge’s head. His next interaction with May should be interesting.

Yeah, she sees that you’re a frickin’ giant. She just doesn’t care.

So, next episode better darn well have Daisy, Jemma, & company meeting up with Fitz & Enoch. Okay? Two weeks of separation there, out of thirteen episodes – is enough. Besides, all those guys are needed on Earth right away. Looks like there’s yet another apocalypse to avert.

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