REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow, S4E15 – Terms of Service

Legends of Tomorrow taught us two equally important lessons this week: never bully your friends, and always read the “Terms of Service.” After a season’s worth of disrespect and frankly illegal business practices, Gary (Adam Tsekhman) offered his soul up to Neron (currently played by Brandon Routh) for a sense of belonging. With the power of a Fairy Godmother at his disposal, he made increasingly silly wishes to create bonding experiences with the Legends – inadvertently helping them realize how cruelly they had treated him. Meanwhile, Neron forced Nora (Courtney Ford) to bear witness to his evil plan to convince folks to download an app that would transfer one’s soul to Hell. That’s Legends for you!

Just a man with three nipples trying his best.

The irony in “Terms of Service” is that Gary genuinely wanted to become better friends with Sara (Caity Lotz) and the rest of the Legends, and in fact his wishes were meant to swerve Tabitha’s manipulations to send them to Hell, but he kept causing problems even with the best of intentions. Not only were his friends trapped with him on unnecessary side quests when they should have been helping to stove Neron and save Ray, but by the end of the episode he unwittingly played into Tabitha’s hand and sent Nora to Hell – without most of her witch powers at her disposal.

But Legends of Tomorrow is about nothing is not second chances. So despite Gary angrily turning Mick (Dominic Purcell) into a baby, Nate (Nick Zano) into a target for bullies, and Ava (Jes Macallan) and Sara into dancing queens for a while, the important thing is that they all come out of the ordeal with a reminder of what it really means to be a team. They were all outcasts once, and insignificant to the timeline according to Rip Hunter, so why not band together with one more loser for the Greater Good? In order to help their Hell-bound team members, they officially inducted Gary into the crew because the finale is going to be all hands on deck.

Nora and Mona (Ramona Young) had a much less pleasant experience at the hands of Neron and his beloved Tabitha, who had the quip of the night when she pointed out that Neron was “so much older than” her. Neron made Nora stand idly by while he wreaked havoc in the body of the man she loves, turning audiences against magical creatures by using Zari (Tala Ashe) as a scapegoat and nearly killing Mona/Wolfie. The Tabitha pulled the switcheroo of a lifetime when she pretended to help Nora save Mona only to weight her down with Fairy Godmother servitude and limited powers – which is how she wound up sent to Hell by Gary. But at least now she has a shot at saving Ray’s soul?

Good witch, bad witch.

Zari and Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) did their best to take on the Bureau and free the magical creatures, so that Neron could no longer use them as ammunition. They made a pit stop at Zari’s childhood home first, where the dragon baby mama left her dragon egg by accident – which will certainly be a fun new pet for her younger self and not come into play at all in the finale. But as their plan relied on Charlie’s shapeshifting, they got caught as soon as Neron realized there were two Tabithas running around. Thankfully, Charlie heroically got all the other creatures and Zari out through a portal, even though it meant she was then a demon’s prisoner and could turn into all the magical creatures to prove his count.

The darkest storyline in “Terms of Service” took place in literal Hell, where Legends of Tomorrow merged Constantine’s (Matt Ryan) eponymous show with theirs by reintroducing Astra. The little girl he couldn’t save from eternal damnation and who has haunted him ever since appeared again this week to remind John of his past sins. Constantine tried to cut a deal with the likes of Satan and Belial: Neron in exchange for Ray Palmer. But the clever devils suggested that he choose Astra instead, which of course was a no-brainer for Constantine (who in the last two episodes has suffered slightly from no-brain syndrome). Astra has since grown up in Hell and long since grew tired of waiting for John to save her, and since his choice didn’t choose him, John got to stay in Hell forever instead. Unless, of course, Fairy Godmother Nora can bippity-boppity boop everyone out of there in the finale.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.