New Game of Thrones photos show The Golden Company

Game of Thrones S8 Ep5HBO has released new photos for the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones notably introducing the Golden Company, who Cersei Lannister has recruited to fight for her cause.

We’re hours away from the episode that Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen herself) said was even bigger than the Battle of Winterfell, and spoilers and leaks have spread all over the Internet. But we’re not going to get into any of that. Instead, we can speculate based on the officially released photos of the episode. The main characters are gearing up for that decisive confrontation with Cersei Lannister, whose declaration of war could not have been more explicit, with her cruel killing of Missandei in the last episode.

The pictures give some sense of the scale of the battle and the lives at stake. But we’re still uncertain about who ultimately will win the Game of Thrones. Cersei Lannister looks smug while Euron Greyjoy looks stoic as ever even in mourning, Daenerys just seems so sad and tired (given all that she has gone through recently, the appearance of a new rival, the loss of a friend and a dragon, who can blame her), and Tyrion looks very worried. There’s a shot of Jon Snow walking along a shore with Varys, who is probably giving him some suggestive advice about his future career. Then, Jon and Davos standing with an army and then the backs of Jon, Davos, and Tyrion facing the gates of King’s Landing, gearing up for another bloodbath.

Most notably, there is a photo of Harry Strickland leading the Golden Company, an army of sellswords Cersei hired to fight against Dany’s forces. Euron was seen picking them up during the season premiere and Cersei expressed her disappointment about the lack of elephants. You can read more about the Golden Company in this informative article by Collider.

With the major contenders for the throne all converging at King’s Landing (except for Sansa, who remains at Winterfell for now, or so we think), the next episode may well be the one battle to end it all. With Jaime heading south, will this be the end of all three Lannister siblings? Will Drogon live to “dracarys” another day? Will Westeros have a king or queen? Or will the Iron Throne be melted down and will democracy come to the seven kingdoms?

Let’s find out as Game of Thrones airs this Sunday on HBO.

Check out the photos below: