REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.21 & 3.22: “Alliance/All Good Things…”


From Clary to Meliorn – my reaction to the Shadowhunters cancellation.

After knowing the series finale of Shadowhunters was going to occur for a little less than a year, it’s still incredibly surreal for me that one of my favorite shows is now over. In fact, I think this is the most upset I’ve been over a show ending in a really long time. (Or honestly, one where I watched the series in its entirety. Sorry Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars). While unfortunately cancelled, the Shadowhunters series finale was exactly what us fans needed to gain closure and to say goodbye to our favorite characters. Having the finale be two and a half hours was also such an extra treat, that we honestly needed.

I think what I was quite surprised about in the finale was how seamlessly it flowed from the episode prior. Everything picked up right where we left off and nothing seemed rushed. Hats off to the writers, who had to condense an entire season’s worth of material into 90 minutes worth of screen-time.

“I’m sorry that we both didn’t get enough screen-time with our endgames.”

Alliance: As mentioned above, the first half of the finale picked right back up from the last episode. Magnus is still in Edom, practically holding the Underworld by a thread, so it doesn’t destroy the entire world. Shadowhunters, downworlders, and seelies alike have to set aside their differences and work together in order to rescue him. And Isabelle, who thanks to her run-in with Glorious has some Heavenly Fire within her, which allows for things to really be set on fire. Literally! While the Heavenly Fire issue was quite dire, it was so amazing to see her take charge, save the day and get the credit that she’s deserved since basically the entire series’ run. Not to mention finally get the relationship she’s longed for. Sizzy sizzled onto our screens! (Sorry, I had to). It was almost too punny to have Simon and Isabelle finally kiss, for her to catch on fire because of the Heavenly Fire in her.

Malec is Married!

All Good Things…: With Edom and Lilith destroyed, it’s almost time for the Malec wedding to commence! Just have to take care of one final foe first. Or for Clary, family member. With Jonathan in full on demon mode and no longer having Clary connected to him, he’s intent on killing everyone around her until she’s the only one left. I’ve always loved this dichotomy with Jonathan’s way of thinking. Raised by two abusive parents, he has no clue how to “be good” essentially. I know he realizes that killing all of these people is wrong, but he doesn’t grasp the concept that his previous actions weren’t going to bring Clary closer to him. I will always love this villain and it was gut wrenching seeing Clary kill him. They both realized there is love for another between them, but we all know that Jon’s heart will never be in the right place. With Jonathan dead comes the end of every evil threat around them! It’s wedding time!

The character development between these two!!

Some would say that the latter half of the finale was fanservice, but If you ask me – it was everything the writers were going to incorporate eventually, they just had to speed things up a bit because of the cancellation. The Malec wedding was everything we ever wanted! The Lightwood parents gave their sons away (yes, Maryse walked Magnus down the aisle!), they said their vows, and poof – Malec is married! With weddings come guests; we had great last cameos from our favorite minor characters. Like Raphael, who’s becoming a priest. Underhill, whose first name was revealed to be Andrew and might be dating Lorenzo in the near future? The pair I was of course ecstatic to see was Helen and Aline, who are happily together and planning an eventual wedding of their own, debating if they should both wear tuxes or dresses. They will always be the one thing I wish we saw more of in the series.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. This is obviously true with the show, but as it turns out also with Clary’s knowledge of the Shadow world. By going against the Angels and creating another new rune to kill Jonathan, she is forced to leave the Shadow world behind her and turn back into a mundane. Seeing her say her goodbyes to everyone at the wedding had me unsurprisingly in tears. “Why are her tattoos fading?” my roommate asked me. My response to her was just flat out sobs. A bit like Clary towards the end of the scene. To quote a Clary Fray line from the pilot: “My life couldn’t be more mundane.” And now unfortunately it is.


Me while watching the finale

One Year Later: And of course we get our first major time jump and it’s incredibly bittersweet. Every single person is thriving! Maia’s opened a restaurant that brings all supernatural beings together. Simon and Isabelle are still happily dating, both as Head of the Vampires and Shadowhunters respectively. Alec and Magnus are High Inquisitor and High Warlock of Alicante respectively, and I couldn’t be prouder! But I had this nagging feeling. How’s Clary doing? She’s excelling in Art School! But one look at Jace has their meet cute from the pilot transpiring all over again. With Jace and Clary reuniting (or meeting in Clary’s sake), this is where the ending is open to our interpretation. Did the Angels finally allow Clary to remember Jace and the Shadow World? Or will she strictly think he’s a human too? My opinion? I want to say the latter, because I can’t imagine the Angels are a fan of take backs. But I think we all know that Jace and Clary’s relationship will never be full if she doesn’t know about shadowhunters and the like.

And just like that the Shadowhunters finale is over. When I was finished with it, all I could do was just stare at my TV screen and process what I just watched. I was crying numerous times during the episode (I lost count at the 6th time), and I tried to not live-tweet as much so I could really “be in the moment.” What did everyone think of the finale? Were all your questions and storylines satisfied? Or were you itching for more of one thing? (Heline for me personally).

The episodes themselves maybe over, but I wholeheartedly believe that the essence and fandom of Shadowhunters will never die. There’s tons of fanfic and fanart to consume, not to mention the book series are still ever growing (Anyone read the Malec-filled Red Scrolls of Magic yet?), and there are heaps of Shadowhunter conventions overseas this year if you want to attend! Plus, the cast will have future projects for us to devour and love.

Hail and Farewell, Shadowhunters. You may not have had as long of a run as we would’ve liked, but you’ve had an impact in our lives and touched our hearts to last a lifetime! To everyone involved with the show in some way or another: thank you!