REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow, S4E14 – Nip/Stuck

If you thought the return of Gary’s (Adam Tsekhman, who really deserves series regular status by now) nipple was just a one-off gag in last week’s Legends of Tomorrow, fear not. “Nip/Stuck” manages to make half the episode’s plot revolve around the powers that new pec possesse, while the other half naturally dealt with the trap NeRay (Brandon Routh, killing it as an ancient demon) lay for the Legends. As Sara (Caity Lotz)  and the squad had to work together to get themselves out of an Ice Age avalanche, Constantine (Matt Ryan) had to learn from his ancestor’s mistakes when dealing with magic and magical creatures.

Heroine of the week.

The strongest part of “Nip/Stuck” was the Bureau brainwashing courtesy of Gary’s evil nipple, which sounds about right for Legends of Tomorrow, but the reason for the plot line’s success is somewhat surprising. Mona (Ramona Young) has been something of a problem character since the show returned from hiatus, mostly because it seemed the writers didn’t know what to do with her new werewolf status and it felt forced to have her tagging along on the Waverider. By placing her back at the Bureau, the writers were able to maximize her potential as an agent thanks to heer observational skills and frankly hilarious dynamic with Gary.

While Ava (Jes Macallan), Nora (Courtney Ford) and the rest of the agents found themselves falling under the spell of Gary “All The Man You Need” Green, Mona was quick enough to avoid his freaky chest-gaze and actually used her Wolf persona to her advantage for once. After a disgusting Gary gouging and face-off with the girls, Nora restored all three of them to their regular selves and managed to save the day at the Bureau. It was unexpected and delightful, so hopefully Legend of Tomorrow chooses to keep her at the Bureau next season where she can liven up the atmosphere instead of making the Waverider too camp for its own good.

As for the Waverider, it found itself trapped in an avalanche all the way back in the Ice Age thanks to Mick’s (Dominic Purcell) trigger finger and eagerness to turn on a possessed Ray. He and Sara wasted no time going at each other’s throats, meaning it was up to Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) to take the I out of team. Considering that she’s such a recent addition, and that the show has cast her aside in the back half of the season, it was another pleasant surprise to see her step up to the plate and keep Ray’s spirit alive on the ship. Anyone who worried that Charlie wasn’t getting enough character development can rest assured she’s absorbing the lessons of teamwork and family, and a quick round of Ray’s team-building card game helped everyone else remember those lessons too.

Nate (Nick Zano) and Zari (Tala Ashe) were also in the stuck part of “Nip/Stuck,” but they were more preoccupied with helping the dragon egg they picked up hatch. They very quickly fell into the roles of expectant parents, and lampshading it in the script didn’t do anything to detract from the fact that their relationship appears to be set up just to give them something to do rather than to actually develop either of their characters. Their moments are sweet and light-hearted, though, for those looking to distract themselves from the Hellfire and Donner Pass (literally) that ruled the rest of the hour.

It’s like the angel and demon traded places.

Finally, Constantine had his own pretty important solo mission upon being kidnapped by NeRay, who wanted him to open the portal to Hell so that his beloved Tabitha can come through. To achieve this, he took Constantine to an ancient Celtic village that was ruled by King Konstantin – Constantine’s ancestor and apparent doppelganger. The strangest part was that Constantine was suddenly convinced that everyone who was in Hell deserved to be there, which made no sense given his own history and Astra, Desmond and Ray’s recent fates. Neron even pointed this out to John, but it took seeing his own forefather about to send an innocent being called a Puca to Hell for the message to land.

Though John first failed to convince the King of his wrongdoings, and instead got himself a one-way ticket to Hell. While he would have willingly gone for his own sake, he realized that the Puca did not deserve such a fate and managed to enact a counterportal that proved just how powerful he had become. Thankfully, Sara and the Waverider arrived just in time to keep Constantine from killing Ray, and a few well placed words from Mick (“Don’t give up on Haircut,” tee hee.) sent John off to Hell himself to bring Ray’s soul back. Of course, this meant Neron could grab Tabitha as well… And you’ll never guess who she was.

That’s right. Tabitha was actually the Fairy Godmother from the beginning of the season, and her lips touched Ray’s in a truly horrifying sequence. But that’s alright, because Neron wanted a new host for his beloved, and Nora was right there. You know what that means? Next week, we’re getting dark DarhkAtom. Or we could just call it Darhk Atom and avoid redundancies.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.