REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 E14 – Return of the King

In this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, my absolute least favorite part of the show over the entirety of its duration returns. Gina Linetti. The bane of my existence, and no I am not exaggerating. In this episode entitled “Return of the King” (insert eye-rolling emoji), the third cast member to direct an episode this season, Melissa Fumero, gets to show her directorial skills and she nails it. She got strong performances from all the actors and made the episode feel like a Brooklyn Nine Nine episode.

The episode begins with the strangest cold-open the show has ever had. It’s a promotional video for Gina’s online company or YouTube channel or Twitter page, it was never really made clear. It disses major religious figures and shows people from all over praising Gina for changing the world through her…something. Even though it’s only been a few months since Gina left the 99 and the fact that she had no clear plan she’s naturally a massive success. Once again the show is validating her boasts of being amazing whilst ignoring her mean-girl behavior and bullying ways to several characters. But I digress.

Gina is hosting an event and has received a death threat. Her team won’t allow the event to take place unless she has police protection, so she calls Jake and Terry. Jake is excited but Terry is more reserved, noting that Gina has been blowing Jake off for the entire time she’s been gone. Terry had a friend who also experienced fame in the Canadian Football League and threw away the friendship. Jake and Terry reunite with Gina at her photoshoot where she’s dressed as Moses for reasons. Gina is dismissive of the threats, citing that her massive internet fame comes with said threats. Terry and Jake believe the threats are coming from an inspirational baker on YouTube, but he’s states away. Gina then suggests that they all go to Shaw’s for a drink like old times but then no-shows because she got sick.

At the motivational event, where Gina says motivational phrases that make no sense, an assailant moves through the crowd and evades Terry and Jake’s pursuit. Jake rushes Gina off the stage right before a huge crystal ball lands where she was talking.

At Gina’s apartment, it is believed that they caught the attempted murderer. Inadvertently, Gina’s manager reveals that she lied about being sick and blew Jake off again for a business meeting. Jake leaves the apartment with Gina chasing him down. He ignores her until she’s stabbed by the actual man giving death threats. While waiting for the ambulance, the two attempt to settle their issues. They agree to see each other 5% more than they have been. At the hospital, with a drugged up Gina (a Gina that I did find amusing), Jake and Terry figure out who stabbed her and arrest the man. At Shaw’s, Gina and Jake reunite Terry with his old CFL buddy.

Boyle brings his son to work during his lunch break. Holt is working on a complex formula to help him figure out which areas in their district need more cops. Nikolaj draws on Holt’s formula and inadvertently solves it. Holt believes Nikolaj is a genius and ridicules Boyle’s parenting skills. However, it’s revealed that Nikolaj solved said problem by accident and isn’t a super-genius after all. Holt apologizes to Boyle and notes that Nikolaj is very bright and that Boyle is a great father.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “Return of the King” Episode 614 — Pictured: Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago — (Photo by: John P. Fleenor/NBC)

Rosa encountered some poison oak and had her hands massively bandaged together to keep from itching. Amy offers to help her with anything but Rosa’s pride refuses her to ask for help. Rosa locks herself in a closet and then asks Amy for help. Amy, however, refuses, saying that Rosa can do anything after watching her attempts for the last four hours. Rosa succeeds in opening the door and is full of confidence and the belief she can do anything by herself…which lasts five seconds until she has to use the bathroom and Amy immediately volunteers her help.


Rosa opening the door.

Charles’ cousin Susan not knowing she could sing until her 40s.

Drugged up Gina.