REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 E14 – Ticking Clocks

This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine, another of the “Guardians of the Nine Nine” in Sean Astin makes his debut on the show. The episode is done in “real time” (mostly) from the moment Hitchcock and Scully warm up a special lasagna lunch, which is named Mama Magalione (and is repeated all throughout the episode to my annoyance) in the microwave for 21 minutes and 30 seconds.

Jake and Rosa see Holt and an IT guy (Sean Astin) in Holt’s office working on securing the internet so classified information won’t get leaked. Clearing the server isn’t an option as the server is only backed up two times a year. They need to find the hacker who is inside the building (and not in Berlin, Osaka, or Stockholm, which apparently are cities Rosa’s lived in). In the middle of holding two sororities for a drunken brawl, Boyle and Terry join Rosa and Jake in finding the hacker.

Amy heard that the precinct is on lockdown and is hurrying over from her dentist appointment because of her crippling FOMOW (fear of missing of out on work). Rosa’s girlfriend Jocelyn shows up to the precinct to break up with Rosa due to feeling neglected in their relationship. Rosa aims to make it up to her. Holt gathers the four detectives in his office, while Jake has Amy on facetime while she runs to the precinct. The hacker opens up the holding cells as some sort of distraction.

Rosa and Jocelyn leave the precinct even while it’s on lock down, Rosa to fix things and Jocelyn to make her flight. Amy, Hitchcock, and Scully return to the precinct (the latter two from the store buying garlic bread for their lasagna). Knox (Sean Astin) says that the hacker is in room 103. Peralta, Santiago, Boyle, and Terry find that room to be empty, where Jake pieces together that Knox is a criminal who wants to have evidence erased. Amy recognizes him from video footage of a murder. Knox has been causing these distractions so Amy wouldn’t place him. Eventually (in a very “by the books” ending) Knox is apprehended (after holding Holt hostage for 90 seconds), Rosa and Jocelyn make up (and Jocelyn doesn’t mind she missed her flight), and Hitchcock and Scully eat their lasagna without garlic bread (it burnt), for the first time ever.



Learning more and more about Rosa’s history

Jake wanting Holt to be a “serious movie cop” and say “Time is running out.”

Holt eventually acquiescing to the above request.

The mean sorority girls.

The sorority girls who were too invested in Rosa and Jake & Amy’s relationships.