REVIEW: Killing Eve, S2 Ep3 – The Hungry Caterpillar

Killing Eve S2E03

Eve and Villanelle continue their toxic obsession with each other on this week’s Killing Eve as the latter gets back to work and Eve’s quest poisons other aspects of her life.

Having recovered from her injuries, Villanelle is back in business, though her missions are limited and she is being heavily monitored by her new handler, Raymond. She has to live in a dingy hotel, a far cry from her chic, Paris apartment. She executes a man by getting him stuck in an elevator, still rather showy but more subdued than her usual modus operandi. But she can’t stop thinking about Eve.

Killing Eve S2E03Eve’s obsession persists as well and this episode demonstrates how her irrational actions have begun to negatively impact her work life and her marriage. We get to see more of the latter as Niko calls Eve out on her erratic behavior and her focus on work. Eve makes some effort to repair the relationship by making a soggy omelette for Niko’s breakfast in bed and attending an event at Niko’s school, dressed to the nines and ready to seduce him in the classroom. But she can’t help herself and sees Villanelle everywhere, even in just an apple.

To be fair, Villanelle isn’t far behind as she tries to sabotage the Polastri’s marriage by making prank calls to Niko’s school and encouraging his co-teacher to have an affair with him. And given how upset he was with Eve, he might actually take that road (cliche as it would be.)

Killing Eve subverts common tropes by having the husband as the typical nagging spouse of the series protagonist who is out doing dangerous and more interesting things. Of course, Niko is the more sensible of the two, as Eve continues to demonstrate manic behavior as the episode progresses. Some have called Niko the Skyler to Eve’s Walter White.

But Killing Eve is not about sensible people or healthy relationships. It’s about fascinating people who make dangerous choices just as how Eve goes behind Carolyn’s back by manipulating Konstantin into revealing Villanelle’s location. What Eve did not count on was Konstantin’s bond with the assassin, despite her attempt to kill him last season. They escape together to do some freelance murder, away from the auspices of their former organization.

Killing Eve S2E03Konstantin does warn Eve against pursuing Villanelle, comparing the latter to “The Hungry Caterpillar” in the children’s book, whose hunger is never satiated, just as Villanelle’s instinct is to consume, something Eve is beginning to feel.

“She’s a parasite, Eve…She gets into your brain. She eats you up to make space for herself.”

Konstantin also adds:

“You think she loves you? Then make her hate you…Hate is something she understands. It’s manageable. Look at the people she loves. She’ll love you to death.”

Needless to say, Carolyn is not pleased about this and her reaction is absolutely fabulous, cool but with an undeniable authority.

“I don’t normally get angry, Eve. It makes me sleepy.”

But the mission is now to find the Ghost and not to chase after Villanelle.

Even Kenny has been disappointed by Eve’s actions, as she manipulated him to, and when she tries to give a reason for all that she is doing, she can’t really bring herself to say anything. Not anything that would appear sensible, at least. She might not be able to admit this yet, but she is in this for the thrill of the chase, and not as some crusade for justice. These two women are fueling each other’s addiction and it’s only a matter of time until their paths collide in what will surely be another violent encounter on Killing Eve.