REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 E13 – The Bimbo

This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine, Holt revealed his insecurities about Kevin’s colleagues, while Amy and Terry compete for who has the best lunch ideas.

First, in the cold open, Jake is extremely late for a meeting to Holt’s frustration. In six years Jake still hasn’t learned how to be punctual, which may or may not be something I can relate to. In retaliation Holt comes up with specific high-fives for everyone in the briefing room (including the tech guy) to Jake’s torment.

A surprisingly bearded Kevin stops by the precinct under the pretense of meeting Holt, but in actuality wanted to meet Jake for a case. There’s been a robbery at Kevin’s university and he prefers Holt not to be involved after an embarrassing “kerfuffle” at a recent dinner. Holt got some obscure factoid wrong and knocked over multiple plants over in his embarrassment and now Kevin’s colleagues think of Holt as a “bimbo,” which says more about them than him. I always find it amusing when Holt acts “out of character.” He truly is one of the best tv characters out there right now. It turns out that Holt has always felt inferior to Kevin’s colleagues and their intellect. Jake is extremely flummoxed (especially as he learns that to Kevin’s colleagues he’s the Jake while Jake is the Hitchcock) by this and vows to help solve the case and raise Holt’s reputation amongst said colleagues. Holt succeeds at solving the case thanks to an assist from Jake. Kevin then sticks up for Holt and yells at his colleague (said colleague has a name and title but that’s largely irrelevant plus I don’t remember).

In a plot that seems like it would have made more sense in the beginning of the season, Terry and Amy engage in a “Sergeant-off” after the precinct’s fridge breaks and all the food spoils. As always Amy’s competitive side is endlessly entertaining and having Terry match it makes it just that much better. It becomes a battle to win the entire squad over (including the uniformed cops) with Hitchcock and Scully being the judges while Boyle and Rosa get involved as Terry and Amy’s second, so to speak, respectively. Rosa in particular really puts her all into helping Amy which is a delight. If Gina was still on the show there would be an endless amount of digs at everyone but specifically Amy. The uniformed cops grow tired of the battle and the two Sarges repent and work together for the others.


Holt and Kevin’s “PDA”

Amy shooting Gary with a paintball gun and his inability to let it go.

Amy’s complaint about Gary’s complaining (noting that Jake never complained so much when she shot him with a real bullet)

The callback to the Halloween heists (which I really, really miss…next season please?).