REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.18 “The Beast Within”


April is the new October in this spooky edition of Shadowhunters. That’s right, it’s Halloween! But just because it’s a night where downworlders can lower their guards and glamours, doesn’t mean demons take a day off…sorry shadowhunters. This episode was in my opinion, half filler and half plot driven, but that’s what made it an amazing and special episode for me! Ever since Shadowhunters first aired, I’ve wanted holiday themed episodes like fellow supernatural shows The Vampire Diaries or Grimm put on. Now that we’ve finally got a Halloween episode, it’s a bit sad that that’s all well get, since our beloved show is ending in less than a month.

Becky totally read every vampire book out there & we love her for it.

Becky Lewis- Supernatural Matchmaker: You always want the obligatory “it’s [insert holiday] let’s celebrate!” fun scenes in holiday episodes and that’s exactly what we get when Simon’s older sister, Becky, comes to town! She’s never missed a Halloween with Simon and Clary, and she’s not about to start now just because her little brother’s a vampire. First of all, it goes to show how short the timeline of this show is since they’ve never missed a Halloween. Has it really been less than a year since everything happened? Second, now I wish we saw more of Becky before the show’s end, too! Simon takes her to Hunter Moon’s private party filled with downworlders and I personally loved the whole exchange. I loved how excited and intrigued she was by the whole shadowhunter/downworld world!

Becky Lewis may not know much about vampires, werewolves, and the like (besides what the average mundane thinks), but she knows a lot about romance. As in, she knows that Simon and Isabelle are meant to be! She pushes Simon to head back to the Institute with Isabelle and they almost kiss! I know in the past I was against how the start of Sizzy was introduced this season. But with yin-feng and Aldertree out of the picture, I’m curious to see how these two will finally become official. Also Simon, invite Becky to your future wedding!


“Yer a demon, Clary.”

Werewolves of New York: Jordan and Maia are back in town and on our screens! I’m going to talk briefly about them because I generally love both of these actors and they had some cute scenes in “The Beast Within.” Jordan has healed from his silver dagger wound, thanks to the Praetor Lupus. But also thanks to them, he’s out of a job. Maia immediately suggests that he be the Beta to her Alpha in the new New York pack. I love this idea, I do! It’s evident that the pair have chemistry, but like Jordan, I can’t get over the fact that he will forever be the guy that turned her into a werewolf and abandoned her. And let’s not forget how he was downright abusive to her while he was transitioning into a werewolf himself. Does the fact that he’s a good person eliminate his past actions? No. But should Maia and us viewers forgive him for said actions? To be honest, I have no idea. I want to hate him for putting Maia through all that pain, but I love Chai Hansen and his portrayal of Jordan is just so sweet. It was easier to hate him in the books, I’ll tell you that much. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you like Jordan, hate Jordan? Same goes for the pairing of Jordan and Maia overall.


“I won’t let anyone hurt you, big brother.”

Beauty and the Beast…Within: In trying to get the twinning rune off of Clary, it seems that Jace and Isabelle may have made things worse for her. Or should I say evil. I don’t think it was formally stated, but from my interpretation of it, it looks like their plan to get the rune off Clary backfired and she is 100% demon Clary now! She’s yelling at Isabelle, bludgeons Jace to keep him down, and ultimately saves Jonathan from his straitjacket holding cell! I’ve been waiting for demon Clary since the beginning of these episodes, and she’s finally here! How do you think her new demon self will shine?

And the greatest trick of all – A Malec Breakup: In order to give Magnus his magic back, Alec has to do something he never thought he’d do: break up with Magnus. That’s the asking price from Asmodeus. But as we saw in the end of the episode, I’m curious if he only asked that to get on his good graces. Regardless, I applaud the writer of this episode, who made a note when writing the dialogue to have Alec speak in half-truths because he’s such a bad liar. I think that’s why the breakup scene was so hard to watch because both parties didn’t want to break up. And in a way we saw the point of view of both Magnus and Alec.

How is everyone after that Malec breakup? We know Alec didn’t mean it and we’re eventually getting a Malec wedding, but still! That was so hard to watch!

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The next new episode of Shadowhunters, 3.19: “Aku Cinta Kamu” airs next Monday at 8/7c on Freeform. The promo for it can be viewed below.

Oh boy, episode is going to be a doozy for Malec. But let’s see what’s in store for demon Clary!