REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.17 “Heavenly Fire”


This photo just screams “Alec proposal writing.”

“Heavenly Fire” was filled with moments from our favorite pairings, some old, some newly introduced. Except none for you Jonathan Morgenstern, sorry. Here’s crippling flashbacks instead!

The (Potential) Proposal: Last week’s episode left us knowing that Alec was going to try and propose to Magnus in this week’s episode! In “Heavenly Fire,” it was all about the perfect execution of it. Alec’s got the Lightwood ring, the romantic dinner, the works! What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything when you’re the head of the New York Institute. For an episode that was promoted as the “Malec Proposal” episode, we didn’t get to see too much of the planning on Alec’s end. Besides telling Jace he was going to propose to Magnus and the inevitable attempt at doing so, Alec was mainly tied up with shadowhunter business, thanks to Isabelle and Aline. But I’m perfectly fine with that because it kept us on our toes in wondering how he was going to propose, etc.

When the time comes and Alec tries to ask the big question, Magnus isn’t totally up for a nice fancy dinner; he’s too busy testing his human alcohol limits. A bit annoyed, but not shaken from his goal, Alec tries to control the situation to not let this moment go to waste. But it’s obvious that Magnus is more torn up that he’s officially no longer a warlock (sobs and all), so instead of a Malec proposal, we get such a sweet and tender moment filled with comfort and just as much love if you ask me. What did everyone think of this twist in events between the two? While incredibly heartbreaking on Magnus’ end, I would take a moment like this any day. It’s in the bad times, where you have to put everything aside and unconditionally love and support your significant other. Plus from a media and representation standpoint, it’s always nice to get emotional scenes geared at men – because yes, men cry! And the proposal may not have happened in this episode, but there’re always future episodes! Could Alec go to grander scales with the asking?

“Nice to meet you, where you been? Aline can show you incredible things.”

The Meet Cute: In “Heavenly Fire,” we got to meet the character I’ve been so incredibly excited to see since I finished City of Lost Souls and read all the cuteness that was Heline: Helen Blackthorn! In her introduction to Shadowhunters, she isn’t exactly playing for the right side when we first get introduced to her, which is unbeknownst to her. Her boss, Victor Aldertree (welcome  back! You’re still terrible!), is not only turning downworlder prisoners into humans (thanks to the tiny bit of the Glorious sword and heavenly fire they have), Aldertree is also planning on using it to turn every downworlder human, whether they like it or not! Like Helen will let that happen. “I might be a Shadowhunter, but I’m a Downworlder, too. And no one gets to take that away from me.” Before I gush and squeal about Heline, I think what I loved most about Helen’s introduction is that she was just someone that was helping Simon stop Aldertree’s plan. She had her own motives and reasonings – Simon didn’t even know her name until the very end!

Okay, now onto the Heline squealing! I think what I loved most about them meeting was just how simple it was. The pair thank each other for their efforts with Aldertree, Aline says she admires Helen (*blushes*), and the two part ways. Although it wouldn’t be a meet cute without a longing look back at your future wife. And this is a book-to-show comment, but I also love that we’re getting to see the pair meet and eventually fall in love! The books’ moments were adorable and sweet, but we were introduced to Helen as her girlfriend already, so I’m dying to see how Shadowhunters handles these two! Any chance we can get a double wedding?


The Cruel Prince that never got his Princess.

The Interrogation: Meanwhile with Clary and Jace, they’re trying to get answers out of Jonathan about Glorious. I mentioned this last night during my live-tweeting, but I found it hilarious how everyone got romantic involvement/development in the episode but Jonathan. Sorry bro. But I continue to be floored by Luke’s portrayal of Jonathan. I know he’s supposed to be this great evil presence, but he is just so much more than that. He was just a boy that wanted love and a family, and unfortunately never got any of it. Seeing a younger Jonathan being loved (burned) by Lilith, was painful to watch. Looking back at the child Jonathan in Edom makes it even sadder. All of that aside, Clary and Jace are left with only one option after their integration goes sour: leave Jonathan alone. Will this be the demise of Jonathan Morgenstern? Absolutely not. But could Clary continuously feel guilty for not saving her prince, Jonathan? It’s possible. I think we’re mere episodes away from demon Clary, guys!

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The next new episode of Shadowhunters, 3.18: “The Beast Within” airs next Monday at 8/7c on Freeform. The promo for it can be viewed below.

Looks like Magnus’ father is back in next week’s episode, and he’s not exactly pro-Malec. Meanwhile, Clary seems to be fighting with her own family demons.