INTERVIEW: ‘Deadly Class’ Cast and Crew Hope For Season 2

Despite a surge of positive reviews and a heartening uptick in viewership at the end of its freshman run, SYFY’s Deadly Class has yet to receive an official renewal. Fans expect to hear good news any day now, though, given that the stars held a panel at Wondercon. Not to mention that it would be cruel and unusual to cut the series short when the season finale left the King’s Dominion crew in such a painful lurch. With Lex shot just as Marcus and Maria tried to escape el Alma del Diablo, Saya on the run from her friends, and Master Lin on the run from his family, it’s no wonder that audiences are desperately waiting to hear about a possible Season 2.

With that in mind, several of the young actors and one of the series creators sat down to discuss the adaptation’s biggest changes from the comic book, and where the kids might find themselves should there be a sophomore year. Plenty of the characters have lost family members or friends close to them, and their mindsets will be very much affected if and when the show turns. Not that lives were the only things ended in the first season; so were plenty of romances, and there was no shortage of ship talk in the interviews either. Check out the videos below, and be sure to let SYFY know on social media if you’re clamoring for a renewal.

Benjamin Wadsworth & María Gabriela de Faría, who play the doomed couple of Marcus Lopez Arguello and Maria Salazar:

Taylor Hickson, who portrays goth girl Petra Yolga:

Luke Tennie, who plays the pacifist Willie Lewis:

Liam James, who plays punk rock outcast Billy Bennett:

Miles Orion Feldsott, a writer and producer for Deadly Class:

Deadly Class aired Wednesday nights on SYFY, and hopefully will again soon.