INTERVIEW: ‘The 100’ Cast and Showrunner Enter a Brave New World

Fans of The 100 already know that everything will be different when Season 6 begins, thanks to an exciting trailer that dropped before Wondercon. Not to mention how last season’s finale saw the crew wake up from cryosleep after over a century to find that Monty and Harper had sacrificed their lives to ensure everyone else had a chance to start over. Now the recently awakened team finds themselves on an entirely new planet, guided by the Green offspring Jordan in the hopes of not destroying this one like the last one. Given how much new ground there is to cover, it’s no surprise that details of the upcoming episodes are under wraps until the show returns at the end of April.

Nevertheless, the cast and crew of CW’s hit show sat down to discuss a bit more of the specifics, such as how the survivors will carry out Monty and Harper’s legacy or how Clarke and Octavia will earn back the others’ trust after their previous betrayals. Is the new paradise as wonderful as it appears to be, or does something sinister lurk beneath the surface? What is up with the “eclipse induced psychosis,” and how is it going to affect our protagonists? We don’t necessarily get any answers, but the questions shed a little more light on what to expect when the show comes back.

Check out the videos below to learn a little more about the mysteries set to unravel, and let us know your theories on The 100 below.

Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg:

Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke Griffin:

Marie Avgeropoulos, who portrays Octavia Blake:

Tasya Teles, who plays Echo:

Sachin Sahel and Richard Harmon, who portray Eric Jackson and John Murphy respectively:

Newcomers Shannon Kook and JR Bourne, who play Jordan Green and the mysterious Russell:

The 100 returns to the CW on April 30th.