‘The Umbrella Academy’ Renewed for Season 2

the umbrella academy

The Hargreeves siblings will be returning to Netflix! The Umbrella Academy‘s social media accounts finally made the announcement that fans had been waiting for. Speculation and unconfirmed reports about a possible season two for The Umbrella Academy started to surface sometime over the weekend. Thankfully, they waited until after April 1st to drop the exciting news. Though you have to wonder how the announcement would’ve gone down if they dropped it on April Fool’s Day…

It probably would’ve been “apocalyptic.”

Fans have been making noise across social media calling for the show’s renewal pretty much since it premiered on Netflix in February. It’s also ranked among the streaming service’s most in-demand shows for several weeks now. It’s no surprise, given the huge, enthusiastic audience The Umbrella Academy has amassed. Not to mention the repeat viewings and the fact that it’s an adaptation of the popular comic book series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.

The Umbrella Academy‘s wide appeal has brought a lot of amazing fan art, memes, and genuine love from all corners of the internet. And that support from fans has created a positive impact on the show’s future. Along with the renewal news, actor Justin H. Min, who plays Ben Hargreeves, announced on his Instagram that he’s been promoted to series regular for season two. Ben became a fan-favorite character rather quickly despite his lack of screen time, so it’s definitely encouraging to hear this news ahead of season two.

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Season 2: Ben is back. And he's back with a promotion. He's officially a series regular. – I know I joke around here quite a bit, but I need you to know that this is because of you. Yes — you. Every post, every tweet, every drawing, every video, every comment, every meme in support of smol bean Ben — with his 6 lines and his 3.2 seconds of screen time and his nonexistent marketing — made this promotion possible. And though I am a writer, I don't have the words to adequately articulate how thankful I am for all of it. – These last six weeks have been an absolute whirlwind; they've also served as a timely and sobering reminder that, though we might want you to believe otherwise, we — the executives, showrunners, producers, directors, writers, and actors of Hollywood — don't actually possess any real power. It's always been yours: our fans, our viewers, our beloved audience. You ultimately dictate what stories you want to see, what characters you wish to be developed, what inclusion and diversity you desire to have represented. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing ours: this crazy, dysfunctional (but loving) family's story. And thank you for choosing Ben. I hope to do you proud. – To my behind the scenes dream team @joshuapasch @coffthachain, I'd be dead without you. Literally. To my fellow Asian American artists and actors, fighting every single day for a seat at the table, let's keep grinding; change is coming. And to @cinderdrilla, thank you for this incredible work of art. It conveys everything and more. It’s a mood. #brb #sobbing

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The Umbrella Academy is available to stream exclusively on Netflix.