WATCH: New Game of Thrones teaser

Game of Thrones teaserHBO just released a grim, new teaser for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, possibly hinting at who dies in this last batch of episodes. The one-minute clip does not feature any characters but instead shows Winterfell in ruins, completely covered in snow. Only the howling of the wind can be heard.

A longer, more action-packed and character-filled trailer had been previously released but this new clip is a more subtle warning of the icy carnage to come.

Collider notes that symbols for key characters are scattered across the wreckage:

“Throughout we see tokens of various lead characters, including Tyrion’s Hand of the Queen pin, Arya’s sword Needle, Bran’s broken wheelchair, Jaime’s golden hand, Daenerys’ chain, and Jon’s sword. Both a dragonglass arrow and a glimpse of the Night King are also seen, as well as the feature from Lyanna Stark’s crypt. Folks, something is important about that crypt ….”

The silhouette of the Night King is the only human-like figure shown in the whole clip. Could this be a sign that there will truly be no one left standing when the show ends? That would be tragic indeed, even if we have all been conditioned to expect the worst from this show. (I mean, even A Series of Unfortunate Events had a happy ending, so there’s still hope, right?)

Luckily (or unluckily,) we only have a couple of weeks left to wait.

Game of Thrones will premiere on April 14 on HBO.

Check out the clip below: