REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.16: “Stay With Me”


“Who you gonna call? Someone else.”

While we may have just about 7 episodes left of our beloved Shadowhunters (that’s including the jam packed 2 and a half hour series finale!), things are definitely heating up for our Shadow gang! So stay with us, or to quote Alec, “Stay with me!”

Stay With Me, ‘Cause You’re All I Need: I think what I’m starting to realize I admire most about Magnus and Alec (and a lot of the other relationships in the show for that matter), is that they are rooted in human emotion and issues. Strip away the magic, shadowhunters, and demon elements of the show, and you’re left with things that you and I can relate to. Case in point: in “Stay with Me,” Alec must ultimately decide what’s best for Magnus’ health and well-being by contemplating having Lorenzo take away his magic. I don’t believe it was officially stated if Lorenzo purposefully knew his magic would be faulty in Magnus’ hands or not. But that aside, Lorenzo does end up taking Magnus’ magic away and he’s right back to being a mortal. Magnus is convinced that Alec won’t love him without his magic. But I think conspiring with Lorenzo to remove his magic speaks volumes of how much Alec loves Magnus. Let’s not forget: “He is my world. If he dies – “. And visiting Maryse to grab the family ring to propose! With a Malec proposal and wedding in sight, what could possibly go wrong?


“Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you’ve seen the last of me.”

This Ain’t Love, It’s Clear To See: For Clary, Jace, and co, basically everything. Willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the rune that connects her to Jonathan, Clary seeks help from the one person that just may have the answer: Mother of All Demons herself, Lilith!

I’m going to say it, I kind of missed Lilith. I think she’s a strong villain that, like Jonathan, was given a strong backstory of motives and to a degree possible sympathy towards. Plus have you seen her outfits? What was most interesting about incorporating Lilith into this episode was how she was needed on both ends – Jonathan’s and Clary’s.
She’s caused Jonathan a lifetime’s worth of twisted love, only to get it thrown back at her when Jonathan tries to kill her. As I sat there and watched the episode, I couldn’t figure out who I felt bad for. I think I’m Team Switzerland, guys. Obviously I don’t want evil to win in the end, but I think the writers have done a marvelous job at giving us layers and continuous development (or reasons behind the actions I should say) for all. Anyone else agree, disagree?

“You came back for me, my sweet boy.”

Honorable Mentions for this episode have to be every Luke scene we were given! From Maryse visiting him in jail (and taking over the bookstore!) to the Praetor Lupus reaching out  and offering him a position. With Luke joining the Praetor Lupus ranks, will that work in the Shadowhunters’ favor?

And lastly, I couldn’t not mention the Sizzy “pinky swear” scene. And no mention of yin-feng to boot, I’m even more pleased!

What were you thoughts on 3.16: “Stay With Me”? Leave all your thoughts in the comments below!

The next new episode of Shadowhunters, 3.17: “Heavenly Fire” airs next Monday at 8/7c on Freeform. The promo for it can be viewed below.

It’s finally here! The Malec proposal! Why am I just as nervous as I’m sure Alec is over it? But don’t expect this whole episode to be Malec mush. Looks like Simon’s in trouble! And Clary and Jonathan continue to reenact Silence of the Lambs.