REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 E11 – The Therapist

In this week’s installment of Brooklyn Nine Nine, Jake and Charles investigate a murder after being tipped off by the victim’s psychiatrist Dr. Tate. Jake immediately suspects Dr. Tate as the killer based on his distrust for any and all psychiatrists. Additionally, Jake has extreme skepticism towards getting mental help (despite Terry listing a few of the traumatic events he’s been through). Boyle, a fan of Dr. Tate (and getting help on not saying things in a sexual way unintentionally a la Tobias Funke), believes that the murderer is the victims’ mentally unstable husband and pushes that they investigate said husband. I’m glad that Boyle recognizes his problem, but I have no expectations that it’ll actually stick.

At the victims’ apartment Dr. Tate (present at Boyle’s insistence) immediately knows where the bathroom is, furthering Jake’s suspicions. Jake goes rogue and investigates Dr. Tate’s office and finds the case file for the married couple. Hiding out in another psychiatrist’s office, Jake pretends to be a man named Garrett who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. He then has to pretend to be British, Australian, and a black man from 1908 (the latter simply being an impression of Morgan Freeman from The Shawshank Redemption). This was a superfluous scene and really wasn’t entertaining at all.

Escaping the office building, Jake is confronted by Dr. Tate in his car. How Dr. Tate knew what Jake’s car looked like or how he got in isn’t made clear (or maybe it was and I simply don’t remember as I write this at 2am). The doctor confesses to murdering both husband and wife, not wanting his affair with the wife to go public, claiming he has his clients to help. This transitions to Jake receiving an impromptu therapy session where he makes several discoveries about himself (such as how he blames himself for his parents’ divorce). During the session he texted Charles (or rather texted Amy gibberish who then forwarded it to Charles who tracked Jake’s phone) and they arrest Dr. Tate. Jake confides to Charles that he plans to get professional help. It’s refreshing to see psychiatry not made light of, and Jake’s realization that everyone can use it, but I would have liked to see Amy’s reaction to any of this.

Meanwhile, Captain Holt realizes that everyone has met Rosa’s girlfriend Jocelyn and he’s hurt by Rosa’s refusal to have them meet. She claims it’s his judgmental side, when in actuality she just didn’t want them to not get along (although I think the judgment issue is a partial reason). After a fake out with a decoy girlfriend, Holt and Jocelyn do happen to meet each other in the precinct’s break room unplanned. They hit it off and a double date dinner is planned.

Amy receives a package meant for Terry, containing two jars of protein powder and sex-help book. Terry vehemently denies that the package was sent for him, especially as Amy announces the contents aloud (and already told several people about said contents). This doesn’t seem like something Amy would do, violating someone’s privacy. Scully claims the items as his, but was simply covering for Terry as he didn’t want to admit to Amy that those were his items.

All 3 plots weren’t bad, but they weren’t anything special nor all that funny. It was one of those episodes that was just there.


How Jake ended up listening to NPR

Rosa’s example of Holt being judgmental (referencing an incident that happened in that very conversation)

Holt and Kevin on the phone…I can’t quite explain why but it warmed my cold heart hearing them talk.