REVIEW: Brooklyn Nine Nine S6 E10 – Gintars

This week on Brooklyn Nine Nine, Nikolaj’s biological father, Gintars, played by the hilarious Ike Barinholtz, tracks down Charles in one of the rare instances where the cold open ties directly into the episode’s “A” plot. Gintars pleads to simply meet his biological child which Charles acquiesces to, after a nudge from Jake. At said meeting Gintars blurts out that he is Nikolaj’s father. Charles’ insecurities come out in full force by Gintars presence and how Nikolaj instantly takes to him. Jake, in a misguided attempt to cheer Boyle up, gets Gintars to confess to selling knockoff apparel from the Gap and branding them “Gape.” His plan works, after an awkward meeting involving nudity and penis discussion. Boyle, however, had a change of heart after seeing how happy Nikolaj was after spending time with Gintars. Gintars is arrested, deported, and spends his last hours in America with Boyle and Nikolaj at the airport. Charles is upset at Jake’s interference and implores him not to always act but just listen. The only thing that bugged me about this scene was Boyle stating that he wasn’t Nikolaj’s “real father.” Biology doesn’t make someone an insta-dad; adopted parents aren’t any less “real.”

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “Gintars” Episode 611 — Pictured: Ike Barinholtz as Gintars Irbe — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

After being a bit too into Jake and Amy the last season and a half, it has been pleasant to get a Charles Boyle that isn’t slightly creepy and aggressive and we got to see real development with the friendship Charles and Jake share.

In the “B” plot, Rosa and Terry come to Holt and Amy (or maybe just Holt and Amy happened to be there, it’s not made clear) with help on a murder case. Rosa thinks she knows the location of said murder but the place has been cleaned since then. They decide to call on Forensic Entomologist Dr. Yee, a personal idol of them both. Dr. Yee claims to have trained flies to react to blood, which they use to see if the apartment was the location of the murder as Rosa thought. The doctor “proves” Rosa wrong, which she remains skeptical of (especially after Holt and Amy call her and Terry fools) and she sets out to expose Dr. Yee. She succeeds and Yee confesses to the lie, not wanting to admit that he wasted over 6 million dollars in a failed experiment. Amy and Holt both apologize (after 30 minutes of discussion).  Rosa uses the flies to her advantage and gets the murderer to confess.

While all of this is going on, Terry freaks out about bugs living in his facial hair, he shaves off his eyebrows, bleaches his goatee, and trims his nose hair. This was kind of over the top and not something I’d expect Jeffords to do. Didn’t care for it.

Highlights/Random observations

Holt and Amy’s long laugh at Rosa’s expense. These two have come such a long way since Amy bowed to him back in season one. They truly are equals now, and I also liked Holt’s brief comment about Amy taking the Lieutenant’s exam (in front of Terry was cold though). Could this be a hint of her season 6 arc? Time will tell.

Amy and Holt completely geeking out over Dr. Yee complete with a behind the back fist bump.

Boyle showing his more serious side.