‘Dumbo’ Talks Soaring To New Heights In This Featurette!


Credit: Disney

Excited for the upcoming live-action version of Disney’s Dumbo? Want to hear the cast’s take on it? A recently released behind the scenes look of the film gives us just that!

A lot went into the production of filming Dumbo. The cast mentions it was unlike any film set they ever stepped foot on. With hundreds of extras, jugglers, and performers from around the world!

Eva Green mentions her love for the original film (as do the others): “This is a new modern take on it.”

“We need this movie right now,” Danny Devito adds. What this writer finds most interesting about this version, besides the modern take, is that the original film ended with Dumbo flying, but this live action version begins with that.

And with Tim Burton as the director, he understands outsiders and people that don’t fit in. “Vulnerable souls like Dumbo. You don’t have to be perfect to be loved,” Green adds. Lastly, Colin Farrell mentions, “It reaffirms that individuality is a good thing.”

See the full behind the scenes look below.

Dumbo flies into theater March 29th, with tickets now available to purchase.

Credit: Disney Press Release

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