REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.13: “Beati Bellicosi”


Clizzy reunions are the best reunions.

This episode had so many characters returning to my television screen, that I honestly lost count. So, what better way then to mention each returning face and their contribution in “Beati Bellicosi.”

Returning – One Fiery Little Redhead: That’s right, Clary’s back in New York and at the Institute! She was welcomed back with open arms and my heart nearly burst with everyone’s sheer joy to see her! But just because she’s alive again, and away from Jonathan, doesn’t mean her problems with him are over. Throughout the episode, she is in constant stress and urgency to get the rune that connects her to Jonathan off. Even going so far as to get it removed. Besides being incredibly painful doing so gives zero results. Must be due to some sort of protection that Lilith put on it. Or some sort of sibling thing, if I’m remembering the book correctly. Jonathan must be quite antsy to get her back (or he’s taken some pointers from Umbridge), because he’s literally writing ‘I Miss You’ marks onto himself to get to Clary. And sorry Clace fans, this was all during  a beautiful scene for you guys. While Luke Baines wasn’t in this episode (and I generally missed him in fact), he’ll be in next week’s to wreck more havoc and I’m sure get Clary on his side.


Shadowhunters writers, please protect Izzy Lightwood in this Sizzy build-up!

Returned (and potentially leaving) – One Praetor Lupus Member: After losing track of Heidi, Jordan returns to try and rein her in and get her back in the Praetor’s protection. I know Jordan is considered a very problematic character (I think more so in the books anyway), but I couldn’t help but get all giddy at the sight of Chai Hansen. As mentioned, Heidi might need Praetor protection still, but Simon sure doesn’t. When Simon and Jordan reunited, it was actually more bittersweet than anything else. With the Mark of Cain gone, Jordan’s services are no longer needed. Oh how I’m going to miss their bromance scenes. But stepping away from Jordan for a little bit (who I’ll mention about more below), in talking about Simon, very early on in the episode, we saw the continuation of last week’s Sizzy development. Simon graciously took Izzy to her place, but of course everyone is worried about her throughout the episode. And within good reason! As we all suspected, Isabelle is now struggling with her yin feng addiction! *eye roll* Magnus calls her brave for saving Simon, and who of course warns Alec of his sister’s state. He tries to help by suggesting candy to suppress the cravings, but she doesn’t want anyone to worry about her.

Before I burst out into another rant, I at least appreciate that the writers are making all of Izzy’s loved ones aware of her current state and she has a support system. Let’s just hope she reaches out if she needs help. By the angel, don’t make Isabelle Lightwood serve as the damsel in distress so Simon can swoop in and save her and that’s how Sizzy is further developed.


*chants* Maia for Alpha! Maia for Alpha!

Escaped – One Blonde Vampire: As mentioned above, Heidi has escaped from her Praetor Lupus clutches and is seriously pitting the werewolves and vampires against each other. First I would just like to commend Tessa Mossey on portraying Heidi. I think she does such a good job at playing someone that has this wickedly carefree way about her. If she wants something taken care of, she’ll go to any means to see it through. Katherine Pierce would be proud! Unfortunately for us, what she wants done is for an all-out fight to go down between vampires and werewolves (who she feels threatened and harassed her fellow vamps). The fight that occurs is incredibly nervewracking for everyone involved, myself especially. Mentioning Jordan again, I found it fishy that everyone he came in contact with it was almost like a final scene of sorts with each character. I thought to myself halfway through, “Are they going to kill him off?” Sure enough, Jordan ends up sacrificing himself and is much worse for wear by the end of the episode. With Maia trying to get them to safety (with a supply closet of sorts being their only option), I’m crossing my fingers that they make it out of there alive. On a lighter note (sort of) Maia is most likely slated to be the new Alpha.


From fellow exiled beings to potential love interests. I’m here for them either way.

Returning to Help – One Mamma Lightwood (& Rekindled Feelings?): You read correctly, I said feelings! Okay, so I’m not sure if it’s ever been known that both Luke and Maryse liked each other prior to now. But I think given their current similar exiled statuses, I think they really understand each other and are just what each other needs right now. Plus it’s Mamma Lightwood and Papa Wolf, how can you not ship them? They’ve both lost so much already that I think they need a little bit of love and happiness in their life. This episode saw a brief kissing-near-make out scene for the pair, which I’m sure will be addressed by them next week. And while we only saw Maia’s reaction to them (“I didn’t want to interrupt your date”), I think in episodes to come we’ll get the remaining character’s reactions.

What were you thoughts on 3.13: “Beati Bellicosi”? Leave all your thoughts in the comments below!

The next new episode of Shadowhunters, 3.14: “A Kiss From a Rose” airs next Monday at 8/7c on Freeform. The promo for it can be viewed below.

Oh hello, Javier Munoz! And given how much of a cliffhanger this episode left for us, I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen with Maia and Jordan! And finally, do I get a sense of some demon Clary approaching, or is that a dream (or nightmare) sequence?